NRI Anushka Gaikwad from Singapore-based Global Indian International School (GIIS)



Anushka ranked 1st worldwide with 98.2% or 491 out of 500 marks
Nearly half the batch from GIIS scored 90% and above and a quarter of the batch scored 95% and above
Award-winning Nine Gems™ learning framework helped Anushka in achieving better learning outcomes

Anushka Gaikwad from Global Indian International School (GIIS), Queenstown Campus in Singapore topped the ASEAN region in the 2016 CBSE Class 12 exams scoring 491 out of 500 marks or 98.2%. Shubham Saraf came in at the second position scoring 490 out of 500 marks or 98%.

Mr Kamal Gupta, COO & Regional Director, shared, “We are proud of our students. Their determination and able guidance from teachers have echoed in giving GIIS its best result ever.” He further elaborated, “As a school that prides itself on holistic development, we groom our students to become capable learners and leaders with help of the Nine Gems model™. I strongly believe that our students’ success is a result of collaborative initiatives between faculty members and parents. My sincere congratulations to all the team members, students and parents for these splendid results.”

Students from GIIS scored perfect (100 marks) or near-perfect scores (99 marks) in various subjects. Shubham Saraf scored 100 marks in Chemistry and Anushka Gaikwad scored 100 in Physics. Ramiah Arunachalam scored 99 marks in Economics, Shubham topped Computer Science with 99 marks, while both Anushka and Shubham aced Mathematics with 99 marks.

Living up to the spirit of academic excellence, the CBSE Batch of 2016 from GIIS in Singapore has created yet another record-breaking feat with a quarter (or 25%) of the student cohort secured 95% and above, and almost half the cohort (48%) students secured 90% and above marks.

This year’s CBSE results demonstrate GIIS’ consistent focus on delivering phenomenal learning outcomes in decisive board examinations, year on year, aided by the Nine Gems™ learning framework. The Nine Gems™ framework created by GIIS is an integration of best practices in education from east and west, while achieving age-appropriate all round development of each child. The student’s all round development is measured with metrics and monitored consistently to bring about maximum impact in learning outcomes of every single child. The Nine Gems™ learning framework assists in enhancing scores on an average by 10% to 15%, thereby achieving maximum learning outcomes in every student.

About Global Indian International School

Global Indian International School (GIIS) – established under the guiding principles of Global Schools Foundation – is an international network of award-winning schools, with 20 campuses in seven countries. Known for their skill-based and learner-centric curricula, GIIS offers holistic learning and personality development opportunities for students.

GIIS schools have been honoured with 58 international and national awards over a span of 6 years for achieving excellence in school education. Today, GIIS boasts a strong multicultural student body, as children from diverse nationalities have enrolled across its campuses.

Adopting a holistic approach to learning and character development, the school’s Nine Gems™ model is a proprietary tool to achieve a balance between academics and experience, mental and physical development, fine arts and performing arts, language skills and creativity, personality development, ethics and entrepreneurship.

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