Are we loosing on these facts in Sushant’s case?

By Advocate Anjana Sharma (Anjana Law Offices)


Last month Bollywood lost a gem- Sushant Singh Rajput. Owing to this incident Ms. Anjana Sharma (Anjana law Offices)   was the first to file the plea on 10th July 2020 in Mumbai before Maharashtra Government demanding a CBI inquiry. The application was made by Advocate Anjana Sharma (Anjana Law Offices) after an in-depth study into Sushant's the case put together with all accumulated facts and links from various sources, the application   has been acknowledged by the Honourable CMO.

According to Ms. Sharma looking from the legal perspective, this case can also be abetment for murder or suicide; hence she recommends a strong CBI investigation

As a response, the government has sent the application to the concerned department.



Advocate Anjana Sharma sent the petition to the Government of Maharashtra in this matter;  some important points to be noted here are


In the report, the police said that he used the bed to hang himself; there was no stool or chair, which is not possible between the height of the bed which is about 1.5 to 2 feet in height and fan 6ft and for a man weighing 75kg it's difficult for him to hang himself to death this could also be made out from the videos footage.This is, of course, assuming that the room height is 9 feet. The green cloth, which lay on the bed, was torn and a part of it was still hanging from the fan, it appeared too weak to hold its height and weight. The facts and allegations of the media reports also reveal that his bedroom duplicate keys were missing.


His body was allegedly taken by his friend, Sandeep, to Cooper Hospital, which is run by BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Nigam), which recently became the talk of the town after an audio recording of a doctor taking a bribe was uncovered


Cooper Hospital was the same hospital where actress Jiah Khan (who was involved with Sooraj Pancholi), Divya Bharti (wife of producer Sajid Nadiadwala) and Parveen Babi (who had a relationship with Mahesh Bhatt) was taken after their death. It was later reported that Mahesh Bhatt knew a doctor at Cooper Hospital.


He had his dog who did not bark or alert when all this spread. So where was the dog when this happened? The videos show him confused, depressed, and looking for his owner, so was the dog drugged?


Another fact that came to light was that Sushant started a company with Riya and his brother Shovik, named 'Eal Vividage Realities Pvt Ltd' and Sushant was the only person who had invested money in it. And the fact that the police were not informed during Ria's nine-hour interrogation. Rhea leaving his house before his death so was it planned? Sushant's father said that he stopped taking medicines for depression a few months ago. Also recently it was reported in the FIR filed against Rhea Sushant Father has alleged her to be using Sushant Money and not allowing him to talk to his father and threatened to malign his career.

Sushant was seeking advice from psychiatrist Kersi Chavda for depression. Kersi, it is reported, is a good friend of Mahesh Bhatt.


Subsequently, both Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt gave statements that Sushant was depressed. In fact, Mahesh Bhatt further stated that his case reminded him of actress Parveen Babi, who committed suicide and died due to depression. Director Shekhar Kapur, Joe was planning to cast him in 'Paani' in partnership with Yash Chopra Films (which never happened), also confessed on Twitter that Sushant was going through a bad phase and wanted to help him.

Subsequently, a case was filed against six prominent Bollywood producers for Sushant's death in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate by Sudhir Kumar Ojha.

It was revealed that his depression may have stemmed from the fact that Sushant was banned from films by seven major production houses; Dharma Productions (Karan Johar), YRF Films (Aditya Chopra), Balaji (Ekta Kapoor), Sajid Nadiadwala, SKF Films (Salman Khan films), T Series & and clearly pointed this out.


Did these production houses were not building camps or cartels? Provide sufficient appropriate opportunities for meritorious. Even if it's presumed to be true but then also a question comes in mind what was the malafide intention behind any of this alleged big houses ?

What seems odd is that after his death when his phone was in police custody, his Twitter and Instagram accounts were being manipulated by someone, his followers were decreasing; suddenly there was a surge in  director Mahesh Bhatt’s followers. His popular TV serial Pavithra Rishta 'was removed from YouTube.

One also wonders whether his death was linked to the death of his manager, 28-year-old Disha Salian, just eight days earlier. Disha was reported to have committed suicide by jumping from a tall building in Malad, Mumbai. Police registered the case as an accidental death. Did not know anything more than this. Sushant was quite disturbed after this incident. There is also outrage among his fans and the public at large. The truth should prevail. Justice should not be done but it should also be seen to be done. Directing a CBI probe in this case by Government CMO  in public confidence will definitely bring the clear picture with regards to all the angles involved here frequent media is depleted with debates & discussions whether it be allegation theories against the big production houses, the theory of nepotism, or for that matter any kind of revenge theory & will also bring black in white the theories of Nepotism prevailing in this Industry at least. Truth shall prevail.

Advocate Anjana Sharma practices in Supreme Court & various High Courts and is socially inclined and also works in the public interest causes for many years.

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