Adieu to the old Comparison based Education system

by Executive Head of Team Hi- Tech company, Akash Jaiswal. 

After 34 years, finally there’s a major change in India’s Education Policy. Comparison happens when the parameters are the same. But, now students can choose interdisciplinary subjects easily. A physics student can also choose pottery in his course A student with interest in Fashion designing can now also learn Computer coding. Now, when the subjects of students would be different, the tagline “Sharmaji Ka ladka” becomes invalid.

It’s amazing that a student can now officially give their exams in subjects like Dance,Art and Music. Instead of traditional theory based learning the new policy would focus on the holistic development of students, thereby adding Vocational courses and internships from class 6.

A large part of India’s population had this fear of dropping out due to financial or academic pressure, which stopped them from joining college and taking a small job.

A solution to that has also been considered in the National Education Policy. Academic Bank of record would be maintained where the semester marks will be stored. If due to some issue, the student has to dropout, he/she can join back from where they left.

The proper blend of subjects has to be designed by the students to completely get benefited from this new policy. With more freedom to choose subjects, there's a new challenge for students to understand what they really like. The government, the parents and the senior students shall help them guide the best.

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