Nagaland Congress mocks PM promise of corruption-free govt; in company with ‘most corrupt leaders’


Congress today urged upon the electoral college to stand in this election for secularism, god fearing and corruption-free government to salvage Nagaland society from being transformed into Hindutva.

Nagaland Congress President K Therie also mocked at Prime Minister’s promise of a corruption free government when his party was in alliance with “most corrupt leaders” of the previous government in the state.

“Congress is seriously concerned for Nagaland must install a god-fearing and secular-minded government to salvage Nagaland’s society from transforming into Hindutva,” stated a release issued by Therie.

Further maintaining that it will be foolish to expect change from NDPP and BJP who have completely ruined Nagaland’s culture, infrastructure and systems, Therie said “Prime Minister Narendra Modi promises a corruption free government, however he is in alliance with the most corrupt leaders of previous government in the state”.

“His (PM) promises of development will not fool the people of Nagaland, for the people have not forgotten the empty promises he has been making since 2014. Perhaps the change BJP-NDPP will bring will only be to collectively loot the state for another five years and leave a legacy of debt,” he said.

Asserting that Congress is committed to stand for the said virtues, Therie said “We (Congress) stand by our commitment and will act as a deterrent in the new state assembly”. Nagaland is going to polls on February 27 while counting of votes would be done on March 3. Congress has fielded 18 candidates out of a total of 60 constituencies in the state.

NPCC President K Therie while expressing that “Nagaland’s electorate has truly changed” said that the democratic process of electing representatives through conscious voting has now changed to that of ‘who can pay more’. “We have lost inherent values of honesty, decency and Christian principles,” he pointed while adding that “accepting and demanding cash and vehicles have become the new trend”.

Attributing such phenomena to the two elections of 2008 and 2013, he said corrupt governance have transformed the people into a culture of fulfilling their aspirations before the election itself as they do not believe they will see their MLAs after election.

“In other nations, people elect their representatives based on their standings on issues and prospects of the future but in our context, 80 per cent or more voters consider corruption as a normal system,” he said. “They do not believe in issues or think of the future. They only think of getting some quick cash or material benefit. This is most unfortunate for Nagaland,” he said.

“It will also be foolish to vote for the Hindutva mission. Your prayer is to stop and protect persecution of Christians and therefore, your vote should not be cast for the persecutors of Christians and other minorities,” he said. “Congress believes in freedom of religion, culture and customs while the BJP believes in the Uniform Civil Code – One nation, one religion, one law and one tax,” the NPCC president added.

Expressing that the verdict of 2018 State General Election will be either for secularism or communalism, Therie urged upon people to “educate the innocent voters for this election’s verdict will change the course of our society and the present way of life may become history”.moneycontrol