Medical Coding Environment in India Gets Boost With M*Modal

Hyderabad, India
Medical coding in India is set for a major expansion. A significant indicator of this has come from an exclusive facility dedicated to medical coding set by the world’s largest MT company – M*Modal.

The facility is a technologically advanced and comprehensive unit located in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. M*Modal sees Medical Coding as one of its major thrust areas. Given M*Modal’s reputation for taking big steps and gigantic infrastructure support around its businesses, this new development can be seen as a major fillip for Medical Coding in India. For professionals in medical coding this should be interesting, given that medical coding careers can now be associated with world’s leading company.

Medical Coding Is Here to Stay!
With the increase in the aging population, along with the implementation of ICD-10, there is and will continue to be an added demand for medical coding professionals. Accurate and efficient coding is crucial to meet financial and compliance goals. The Health Information Management profession is the highest targeted growth area in the US.  As Medical Coders currently make up a significant component of this profession, this is indeed the career path to take for ultimate personal success.  Since the creation of the Global Coding Services division in early 2014, M*Modal has focused on the delivery of coding services to US hospitals, distinguishing itself from other coding providers who have thus far focused only on physician coding opportunities.  The year 2015 saw a 300% increase in coding production positions and current 2016 projections estimate a similar staffing increase.  M*Modal is focused on hiring experienced, competent and certified coders.

The new Gachibowli Coding facility expands M*Modal’s presence in Hyderabad. Gachibowli is one of the fastest growing  IT hub with sound infrastructure. The facility at this strategic location will be a competitive edge for M*Modal. The 15,000-sq.-ft state of the art office premise for MModal Coding workforce contains 122 coding operations seats and a Training Center for Coding. The new Gachibowli facility will increase the strength of M*Modal India’s service delivery capabilities, addressing market demands in both facility-based/acute-care and professional service coding, by recruiting new and experienced medical coders.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Mr. Jason Martin (Senior Vice President- Coding Services) said, “I am happy to announce the launch of our exclusive Coding center in Hyderabad. We are very positive about growing and investing in our Coding business. The decision to open a new facility in Gachibowli is part of our growth plan. The new office offers good infrastructure and an environment for further growth. We are tapping the areas vast talent pool which will help us to develop and deliver superior services to our customers.”

Also speaking on the occasion, Ms. Karen Karban (Vice President- Global Coding and Education), said, “M*Modal’s expansion in Hyderabad with the new coding facility is a testimony for our commitment to growing the Coding Business in India. She further stated, “I am happy to see the new facility and this has come up really very well and I am confident that M*Modal will achieve many more accolades with the help from this astounding facility. I congratulate the team for achieving this key milestone. The establishment of this office is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the current coding production staff.  Without their continued commitment to excellence we would not have had the foundation for this level of expansion.  I look forward to increasing not only our staffing numbers but our revenue contribution to M*Modal. ”