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Publish Your Content On Our Website. Distribute Your eBook To Our Audience. Capture Leads.

There Are Lot Many Possibilities

Content Syndication
Place your content in front of our audience by syndicating your existing published content on Businessfortnight.
Sponsored Articles
Sponsor a series of articles on a topic relevant to your business. Can include sponsorship of the Spotlight series or 1-on-1 Interview series.
Native Ads
Drive direct traffic to your website or chosen landing page. Great

for webinar and conference registrations.
Ebook Distribution
Let us do the work for you. Distribute your eBook to our audience and gather leads from an engaged community of entrepreneurs and business owners.
Custom Campaigns
Create a tailored campaign to fit your needs. Our team is happy to innovate with you to

Content Syndication

Place your previously published content in front of our audience. Showcase your product or service. Promote your best stuff. 

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  • Career in Travel & Tourism
  • Tax Planning
  • COVID And Economy

A Thriving Community of Entrepreneurs, Owners and Managers Who Visit Regularly and Engage

A Little Bit About Us …

Businessfortnight was founded in 2012 with the belief that startup entrepreneurs, business owners and the managers who work for them should have access to the latest information, news and insights presented in a way that is relevant to them.

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Anchored by the flagship website, the company includes three more websites in health, business and technology domains –, and – and active outreach on social media channels. 

We report information in context. Our dedicated team of renowned columnists, editors with deep news experience, subject matter experts and staff journalists give insights that make news meaningful.

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We show “how to.” We don’t just report on the what and why. We publish detailed guides, checklists, tips and tutorials. We also highlight valuable resources and tools.

We believe authenticity is crucial. We deliver information through the informed lens of a team. Bootstrapped by business journalist Ravindra Soni, the site is dedicated to serving businesses.

We stay true to our large and targeted audience. Businessfortnight directly reaches more than 5 lakh business owners, entrepreneurs and other decision makers monthly. Our readership is highly targeted because we cover only relevant business topics. Through active participation in social media, we have social reach and exposure to 1 million more monthly.

Businessfortnight includes multiple properties: : a health and wellness site : a Hindi version of : a technology news website


Native Ads

Drive direct traffic to targeted content on your site. Increase event registrations.
Gain brand visibility. help you achieve your marketing goals.

Sponsored Articles

Speak directly to a business audience. Showcase your brand. Demonstrate thought leadership.

Ebook Distribution

Promote your eBook. Collect leads. Achieve your marketing goals.

Custom Campaigns

Work with our sales team to create a custom campaign in a variety of formats to suit your needs.

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