MaxBet provided private health insurance to its employees


MaxBet provided private health insurance to its employees |  Info

Belgrade, 01.03.2023. The company MaxBet has provided its employees with the opportunity to use the services of free private health insurance in cooperation with Sava osiguranje, its partner in insurance business.

  MaxBet provided private health insurance to its employees 
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As part of the health insurance package provided by the company MaxBet for its employees, there is an annual systematic examination, which includes as many as seven of the most requested specialist examinations, as well as an additional amount that can be used for specific, individual needs. This insurance is easily available throughout the country, as examinations and other health services can be performed in over 600 medical institutions throughout Serbia.

“With this move, we want to show our employees how important it is for them to feel safe while working at MaxBet and to know at all times that they are part of the MaxBet family. And taking care of your own health and the health of family members is one of the main priorities of each of us. This is precisely why we decided to take this step of private health insurance, which provides employees with good support, effective help and care, the possibility that they can always count on high standards and availability of health services, access to modern methods and conditions of treatment – says Zorica Todorović. Director of Human Resources and Operations at MaxBet.

In Serbia and the region, MaxBet employs 2,800 people and is rapidly expanding its team. The company’s socially responsible activities are primarily focused on health and disease prevention, and this one is intended for employees. In addition to various types of donations to health institutions, MaxBet has been successfully implementing the “Life is blood” campaign for 5 years, in which up to now even 25% of employees have participated, who have collected more than 2500 units of blood in 45 campaigns and thus actively participated in saving 7500 lives. of life.

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The company MaxBet has been organizing games of chance since 1993, and today it offers its services at more than 400 locations in Serbia, Montenegro, Republika Srpska and North Macedonia. Thanks to corporate management, investment in professional staff and technological development and stable cooperation with all relevant partners, the company has become one of the leaders in the entertainment industry in the region.

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