Makes Headlines on the First Day of Launch


Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

They say for a new brand to penetrate the minds of its customers it takes at least a good run of 5 years in the market. But, a beauty and wellness brand belonging to the e-commerce sector, defied all odds on the very first month of its launch. The core idea behind the inception of was creating a brand which will not only cater to a woman’s personal and beauty needs but also empower women by propagating them towards a self-sufficient personal habit. was a brain child of Mr. Mahesh Patel, his wife Mrs. Kanchan Patel and Ms. Bindi Patel with the intention of changing the way women shop for their hygiene and beauty needs in this country.

To find their rightful position in the wide and competitive market of e-commerce, came up with a digital campaign plan and a revolutionary beauty offer.

Their first step towards a strong digital presence was followed by months of rigorous planning and strategizing. The brand started their penetration in the beauty market with a very simple and organic social media campaign on all portals. The initial aim was to become a familiar face in the beauty segment; thus gaining the trust of the audience and boosting sales in the first year of launch seemed to be an impossible dream. But the brand did not give up the hope of a miracle in the onset of Christmas. Thus on 15th of December, the day of the launch came up with a social media campaign which was backed by a wonderful referral program. This organic campaign merely focused on spreading the word about the existence of this new brand in the beauty segment.

The night of miracle did arrive and on the 15th of December, the website of crashed over 5 time in a matter of 3 hours. The website received over 1.6 lakh page views within the first eight hours itself, and the high traffic in first day of the campaign itself resulted in a spill over of the audience visits. Mahesh Patel, Co-Founder of, stated, “We had a vision in mind of how our website would perform, and it turned out to be even greater than our expectations.” Over 10,000 users registered to become members of and the turnout at the end of the day amounted to a massive amount of sales for the brand, aiding in their aim of generating profits on a massive scale in the first day of the campaign launch itself. The brand received a wonderful welcome in the competitive market of beauty and e-commerce with a glorious transaction of over 3500 products. The first day of the campaign activity resulted in the complete sell out of their in-storage inventory, and this feat was achieved 100% organically and at zero cost. Commenting on the matter, Co-Founder Ms. Bindi Patel stated, “ recently made its entry into the market, and as a brand they have the potential to make a difference in the beauty segment of e-commerce portal. We aim to surpass all our other competitors in this segment and ride our way to the top brand of the beauty segment.” To pull off this glorious overnight success launch, had joined hands with a Mumbai based digital agency called Insomniacs.


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