LiveSmart Launches SeniorLife — A Platform to Transform Senior Care with AI


AI detects senior health problems

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Health check scorecard report and history

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SeniorLife Uses proprietary AI algorithms, computer vision and encryption to detect health problems, recommends therapies and check progress over time

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, August 19, 2022 / — LiveSmart KK, a leading smart home solution provider in Japan, today launched a platform to transform senior living.



The company SeniorLife Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Bellevue, WA, USA with operations in Japan and a development center in India.

In addition to LiveSmart KK, the investors in the new venture include Internet Infinity, Inc., that operates hundreds of senior daycare centers all over Japan under the brand RecordBook; Ashok Roy, the Founder and Chairman of LiveSmart KK; and Kazunari Ogawa, the COO of Internet Infinity, Inc.

Products & Services


SeniorLife uses proprietary AI algorithms, computer vision and encryption technologies to detect problems, such as walking irregularities, knee flexion difficulty, balance and center-of-gravity issues as well as other MSK disorders. It can recommend therapies specific to a problem. Seniors can re-test in a few months to see if their health scores have improved or not.


SeniorLife provides its platform-as-a-service to senior daycare centers, hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, insurance companies, senior homes as well as product/services providers to the senior market. The basic test for the end-user (= senior) is generally FREE. Corporate clients pay for specific tests, access to data and customization of services marketed under their own brands.

Started in Japan – Global Focus


Japan has 37 million seniors that use one government insurance system – it is the largest single pool of seniors in the world. They also happen to be the oldest and as a result the clinical research and data on age-related diseases in Japan is the deepest in the world. SeniorLife intends to train and refine its predictive AI models with extensive senior-user data in Japan that can be used for global markets. In addition to Japan, the company has started the business in the US (53 million seniors); it plans to focus on Europe (50+ million seniors) by early 2023, subsequently expanding to non-Japan Asia.

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About LiveSmart


LiveSmart KK provides an AI and IoT enabled service platform for smart living. The services include energy management, smart home as well as home security. Leading real estate developers and utilities in Japan use the LiveSmart platform to build and sell their own-branded services to homeowners and rental properties.

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