Lenovo launches ‘Smart Clock Essential’ with Google Assistant


    Lenovo has launched a new Google Assistant-powered alarm clock called the Smart Clock Essential as an update to its Smart Clock.The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential starts at $49, which is the same price as the Nest Mini without a clock, and $10 less than the Dot with Clock in the US.

    “The alarm clock supports using buttons to set the alarm, in addition to voice. It's also a useful night-time companion with a built-in light that helps you walk around without bumping into things and has an integrated USB port so you can charge your devices overnight,” the company said in a statement.

    The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential features what looks like an LED display that shows information such as time, day, temperature, and whether the user has an alarm set. In addition, one can now use buttons to set an alarm, in addition to voice.A user can also group the Smart Clock Essential with other compatible smart speakers for a more immersive listening experience.

    It has a 3-watt speaker so one can still listen to music and include it in groups for synced music with other Google smart speakers.

    The 'Smart Clock Essential' should hit the shelves sometime this month in the US.

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