Kryp Media Introduces Holographic Technology In India


Brands like Samsung, Future Generali, Nickelodeon, Sun Pharma adopt Holographic advertising


Gradually India is awakening to the potential of Holograms. The technology which is being offered by Kryp Media has introduced Holograms for effective display of brand and product advertising.Extremely effective when indoors and outdoors as well, after dark, the display system can make the footfalls go up by as much as 70 %.During the past 6 months more brands are using holograms for underlining their OOH presence.

Whether it is a week long campaign for Samsung for their offer on Note 8,  or creating a buzz for the discount sale at Blackberry or turning heads at the Kids Choice Awards for Nickelodeon, HOLOVSNs manages to turn heads and create conversations at every display.Kryp Media also designed the logos of 60 exhibitors  @ Iot 2018 Expo , New Delhi

Apart from the advertising Holograms have their extensive uses in medical and engineering and long distance education due to their interactive nature and high resolution 3D images.It cuts down the need of cadavers and live mechanical models enabling better education,student engagement and high retention .Till now the high cost of acquiring the technology from abroad coupled with 200% duty on hardware made it impossible for mass use of Holograms.Kryp media with their homegrown technology can enable mass consumption of the technology for various purposes.(Actually University though og Holographic classrooms in 200 Engineering Colleges in Maharashtra due to shortage of quality faculty as early as 2012, but high prohibitive cost of 5000 US Dollars per center killed the idea !)

According to  Mr. Karan Bhardwaj, MD and CEO , Kryp Media ”All our products  use three dimensional 4k videos to accentuate the final effect. We are involved at every stage with the client right from planning their media, to designing their creative and finally installing the devices at the clients’ end. We are currently operating pan India and trying to revolutionize the display advertising arena with the help of our innovative technology. Distributors who are joining us at this stage have the  potential to be a part of a novel business at a very less investment and very high ROI .

“While we are always striving to stay ahead in terms of innovative means of advertising, we realize the importance of intricacies of creativity that our products demand and deserve and hence are constantly working on our catchy graphics” added Mr Prashant Pandey , COO .As Indian market is still to catch up with foreign markets in terms of innovation and creativity in digital display advertising, Kryp Media aims to bridge the gap by constantly introducing more technology like HOLOVSN and DIGIPLAY.