Majority of Cardiac Patients Do Not Require Angioplasty Or Bypass Surgery : Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi


Bhopal, 28 September 2016 : According to a research published in Journals like ‘Circulation’ and ‘JACC’ (Journal Of American College Of Cardiology) besides the outcomes of two mega trials ‘FAME2’ and ‘Prospect’ suggest Optimal Medical Therapy and modifications in lifestyle bring better results than angioplasty or angiography.

Renowned Cardiologist and Director, Akshay Heart & Multi Speciality Hospital Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi stated this while addressing a press conference organised here on the eve of World Heart Day.

He further said that ‘From drug eluting stents and off pump to beating heart surgery the surgical branch of medical science has come up with many technological advancements similarly the medicine branch too has witnessed invention of modern and effective drugs that have revolutionised heart care. These wonder drugs, coupled with little lifestyle modifications, can reduce chances of invasive and risky heart surgeries by upto 85% besides a better cure. To name a few these medicines are known as Beta Blocker, Ace Inevator, Tica Grelor, Romelazine, Ivabradine and Statine.

He said that it has become social status trend amongst cardiac patients to get angioplasty, angiography or bypass surgery done. There is a misconception that these are only alternatives for all the cardiac diseases. It can further understood with the fact that heart is a big muscle that keeps on working round the clock It gets its blood supply from thousands of vessels. In angioplasty only one or two blocked vessels are opened. It does not bring desired outcome.

Dr. Chaturvedi further said that ‘Angioplasty focuses on big lesions in vessels whereas the real culprits, small plaques, are left unattended. Similarly the angiography too does not address the plaque issue. Most patients believe that they would not require lifestyle modifications and Optimal Medical Therapy (OMT) post angioplasty. Removal of life threatening plaques is a must. Latest VHIVUS technique is capable of identifying these plaques.’

He said ‘There are certain medical conditions where angioplasty and surgery is preferred. Patients who are suffering from acute coronary syndrome, post  heart attack rescue, diabetics with triple vessel disease and old patients with poor heart conditions need surgical intervention.’

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