Keystone Solutions Completed Turnkey Projects for ZOBET – Gastro-pub in Kolkata and Select CITYWALK in New Delhi


Keystone Solutions, a fully integrated turnkey contracting firm led by Gautam Kumar and Sanjay Dabra, successfully completed its projects for Select CITYWALK, the most renowned shopping mall in New Delhi and ZOBET – a gastro-pub in Kolkata. Keystone Solutions is a versatile firm that has delivered close to 50 projects in the field of hospitality and retail in the past five years. ZOBET In the capacity of the turnkey contractors for ZOBET, Keystone Solutions has offered solutions for civil projects, interiors, plumbing, electrical and furniture. ZOBET has been designed by ace interior stylist Sumessh Menon from Mumbai and inspired by the art deco soul of Kolkata; this gastro-pub catches the fancy by dint of the generous infusion of plush, modern materials and a vibrant colour palette. The 7,500+ square-feet area pegs it as one of the largest all-day gastro-pubs in Kolkata. The highlight of the Moroccan-themed interiors is a 35 feet-long trendy bar and three spacious PDR’s, two 40 seaters each and a cosy 10 seater one. The USP of the place is the size which is spacious thus maintaining social distancing norms. Select CITYWALK Select CITYWALK is a recurring client for Keystone Solutions, as last time the turnkey brand was appointed to revamp the entire flooring at Select CITYWALK and had led the project efficiently during the business hours – without interrupting the regular operations. Being appreciated for the quality of work and the competent team that steers the projects, Keystone Solutions was once again appointed to recondition the new lobby at the basement by using the high-end Italian stone. Keystone Solutions and Select CITYWALK go a long way as the former has executed many successful projects for the restaurants at Select CITYWALK like PA PA YA, Sattvik to name a few. Mr. Sanjay Dabra, Co-founder at Keystone Solutions said, “We have a robust network of experienced project supervisors, civil, electrical, plumbing and skilled labourers pan India who help us to deliver the project in time. We are thankful to our network of professionals because of whom we could deliver the projects in time during the pandemic too.” Mr. Gautam Kumar, Co-founder at Keystone Solutions commented, “It was an enriching experience to show our expertise in two entirely different projects. We have been leading diverse projects, for instance, ZOBET is a Moroccon themed gastro-pub on which we had worked from the scratch, whereas, Select CITYWALK has been standing tall for more than a decade. So the project guidelines are entirely different, thus showcasing our versatility.” As per Sumessh Menon, Design Director at Sumessh Menon Associates, “Working with Keystone Solutions was an educational and transformative experience for both of us as we were very much in sync as to how to go about design solutions at every step of detailing. We were able to synergise smoothly and therefore the design has transpired exactly as envisaged by us and the client.” Launched in 2015, Keystone Solutions is a fully integrated turnkey contracting firm; constituting a team of motivationally-driven individuals determined to cater to their clients to the best of their abilities. Founded by Gautam Kumar and Sanjay Dabra, the brand debuted in the market with the intent to provide and implement ingenious solutions via turnkey execution. The services further allow the brand to render its expertise in the field and offer smooth customer service with optimal client satisfaction, irrespective of the worksite, including a caf, business space, a restaurant, mall, banks, complete set up of cloud kitchen or a hotel. Keystone Solutions is a one-stop solution for all the client requirements and consists of a group of free thinkers who not only offer end-to-end execution and lend their skills to the professional ecosystem but also interpret and offer solutions on a particular element as well. For instance, if a customer seeks expertise or any specific solution for a specific task, Keystone Solutions has a team on-board that allows their clients to hire one for their task. One of the key differentiators/USP’s of the brand is the smooth operations that it carries out without any hassle to the client; an example being the project where Keystone Solutions focused on revamping the flooring of Select CITYWALK Mall, New Delhi, one of Indias finest retail establishments. The turnkey contractors executed the entire project without causing any disruption to the patrons that walked in the operational mall. Website:


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