Kaspersky: Back to office means businesses should all the more be vigilant


24 May 2022…. India: Organizations resuming work-from-office are experiencing relative ease of managing not just their workforce but also the cybersecurity needs of their business. Kaspersky, a cybersecurity and digital privacy company, however, believes that given the current environment, businesses should all the more be vigilant.

The prime reason for this is, the macro environmental factors affecting the cybersecurity landscape have worsened compared to last year. From late 2021 to date, ransomware attacks have multiplied. Yet, it is not the number but the type and the intensity of the attacks that have undergone a dramatic change.

Ransomware has become more ubiquitous than ever before and it is now using advanced techniques through AI and ML to launch cross-platform attacks. It continues to target enterprises across multiple platforms to ensure that none of the systems work as intended.

Some of these ransomware groups are highly politically motivated, particularly regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict – they are using techniques that wipe your data files and storage rather than encrypt it. As a result, enterprises are looking at a sweeping loss of data, which could be detrimental for the business from a reputational as well as legal standpoint. Ransomware is a chief cause of advanced persistent threats that organizations face in a digital landscape.

The only protection is high-quality endpoint threat detection and security. As work from office resumes, enterprises need to ensure each of their devices receives a cybersecurity check and update; they need to also make sure to run a few training programmes to make their employees aware of the constant cyberthreats present in the environment they operate in. It is also important for enterprises to ensure regular data backups, especially done in the offline mode to reduce exposure to the internet.

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Dipesh Kaura, GM, Kaspersky South Asia, explains why this matters particularly in the Indian context, “India is among the top 3 targets for cyberattacks in the APAC region. It does not help that businesses in India are still waking up to the scale of damage that cyberattacks can cause within the enterprise as well as the overall economic system by draining it of trust and confidence. It’s one of the major reasons why the country has moved rapidly to secure its internet pathways and national data security. Now businesses need to follow suit.”

There is a free Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business that shields computers and servers from ransomware and other types of malware, prevents exploits and is compatible with already installed security solutions.

Install anti-APT and EDR solutions, enabling capabilities for advanced threat discovery and detection, investigation and timely remediation of incidents. Provide your SOC team with access to the latest threat intelligence and regularly upskill them with professional training. All of the above is available within Kaspersky Expert Security framework. Provide your SOC team with access to the latest threat intelligence (TI). The Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal is a single point of access for Kaspersky’s TI, providing cyberattack data and insights gathered by our team for over 20 years. To help businesses enable effective defenses in these turbulent times, Kaspersky has announced access to independent, continuously updated and globally sourced information on ongoing cyberattacks and threats. Request access to this offer here.