Karnal Smart City Projects in Full Swing


Karnal, a city in Haryana, also known as the rice bowl of India, is expected to go live as a smart city soon, as various smart city projects – including the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) is fast Progressing. Karnal Smart City Limited (KSCL) is setting up ICCC on a war footing to make it operational by November, 2020. Site Inspection by CEO of Karnal Smart City ICCC is the core component of the smart city project. It will serve as the backbone for various smart city initiatives and will provide storage for all online data related to smart city applications. As the nerve centre, ICCC will play a key role in helping Karnal smart city improve the quality of urban services. KSCL is also implementing Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS) to automatically adjust traffic signal timings based on the traffic demand at the intersections and anticipated arrivals from adjacent intersections, in more than 50 locations across Karnal. KSCL is installing 472 CCTV cameras and traffic lights at 29 locations (major chowks). Already 127 cameras, including 12 pan-tilt-zoom security cameras, have been installed at 35 locations in the city. Erection work is in progress for five ATCS junctions: Meerut Chowk, IIT Chowk, Govt College Chowk (Sector-6), Nirmal Kutia Chowk, and Namaste Chowk. KSCL is also installing cameras for red light violation detection and automatic number plate reader (ANPR). Systems to generate e-challans for traffic rule violations will also be in place. Karnal Smart City project will positively impact the lives of over 3 lakh citizens.


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