“KaravanSurakshaKa” leaves Bhopal with the Message of Drowning Prevention



Flag-Off by Director Sports and Youth Welfare, Madhya Pradesh

  • MandarAnd No More Foundation organizes the first ever rally of this kind in India focused on creating awareness on the issue of large number of drowning deaths.
  • Starting on 6th June from Bhopal, the 5 bikers will travel to Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Clocking 3,500 kms. beforereturing to Bhopal on 15th June, they will cover over 20 cities across 7 states, meeting people with the message of water safety. They will be in Guna and Gwalior on 6th and will reach New Delhi on 7th June.
  • MandarAnd No More Mission for Drowning Prevention has gained great significance in view of the high number of 35,000 people dying every year due to accidental drowning.

Dr. S.L. Thausen, Director Sports and Youth Welfare, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, today flagged-off the Rally for Drowning Prevention from Tatya Tope Stadium in Bhopal. He was joined by the Special Guests former Director General Police S.K. Rout, Rotarian Dr. R.K. Nigam and AnubhavDubey, Co-founder of Chai Sutta Bar. Members of Rotary Club East Bhopal and many other prominent citizens of Bhopal were present to see the 5 bikers off for their journey with the Cause.

“KaravanSurakshaKa” leaves Bhopal with the Message of Drowning Prevention

Acknowledging the importance of this bike rally to spread awareness on water-safety, Dr. Thausen expressed his concern over the highest number of drowning deaths, nearly 4,000 every year, being reported from the state of Madhya Pradesh. He said that the entire society must come forward along with the government to control this enormous loss of lives, of mostly children and youth. He highly appreciated the initiatives and efforts of MandarAnd No More Foundation in this direction. Rtn. Dr. R.K. Nigam informed that Rotary International District 3040 has taken up this issue very seriously and with Rotary Clubs joining this mission, there will be a positive impact.

The 5 bikers from Bhopal – Pushpendra Singh, Dr. Aditya Dayma, SwapnilNamdev, Vivek Singh and Amit Trivedi – expressed their deep satisfaction that their passion for biking has now found a new meaning and a great purpose.

This awareness drive is also a part of the larger plan of MandarAnd No More Foundation and the people associated with the cause of drowning prevention. This team requests and appeals to the Prime Minister of India to proclaim 5th October as the National Drowning Prevention Day of India. Considering the gravity and magnitude of the problem of drowning deaths, proclaiming a national day will create awareness in masses regarding the measures required to prevent 35,000 accidental drowning deaths in India every year. It will also help in taking appropriate policy decisions and budget allocation for the same.

Mandar And No More Mission (MANM) was started in March 2015 when a 16 year old school boy, MandarVedghoshe lost his life due to drowning in the infamous ‘MautKaKuan’ (Literally, the well of death). Mandar’s family and friends began their efforts since then to make the place safer for visitors and this soon turned into a larger mission. They have been very sincerely and selflessly pursuing their pledge of saving lives from the dangers of water-bodies. The mission has made the said Kerwa area water-body almost risk-free now, by filling its uneven depths, improving the availability of police and creating awareness in society regarding the risks at such places. In fact, it is a great success of MANM Mission that during the period of over four years, there has not been any untoward incident at this place, where accidents were reported very frequently.

MANM has now expanded its activities of making water-bodies safer in Madhya Pradesh and other states as well. Their intervention at Patalpaniwaterbody near Indore has also showed positive results.

The founder of this mission, VishwasGhushe, Mandar’s father, told that people are understanding the importance of this social cause and are joining MANM. They will be engaged in the work of drowning prevention.

Motivation Speaker, Rajeev Agrawal addressed the children present at the flag-off ceremony, sensitizing them for Water Safety.


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