Jain International Organization launches an Exclusive Health Insurance Plan


 ‘Shravak Arogyam – Phase 3’, for the community

  • Additional Personal Accident cover up to 10 lacs   

New Delhi, January 15, 2016: Guided by Param Pujya Naypadmasagarji Maharaj Saheb’s vision to provide better and affordable healthcare facilities to the Jain population in India, Jain International Organization (JIO) has introduced ‘Shravak Arogyam –  Phase 3’ program that is specially designed to provide social security and healthcare services to all Jains with benefits unparalleled by any other product in the industry.

‘Shravak Arogyam – Phase 3’ program will not insist on any pre-policy medical check-ups for prospects which saves on both the cost and restrictions of medical heath check-up. In fact, to simplify the product for the Jain community, there is no waiting period for pre-existing diseases as against the usual 2-4 years in case of most standard policies. Moreover several pre-existing conditions like Cataract, Arthritis, and Hernia etc. are covered under the program from the first day itself.


Speaking on the launch of Phase 3 of Shravak Arogyam, Dr. Bharat Parmar, Director, JIO said, “More than 3.2 Lac JIO members along with their families are already covered under the previous versions of the Shravak Arogyam program, which has been running successfully since the past year and a half. The program is professionally managed by the doctors of Jain Doctors Association (JDA) and around 30,000 members have already benefited from this scheme.”


“Due to the overwhelming response of the previous two phases, we are launching the third phase. Shravak Arogyam – Phase 3 goes a step ahead in offering benefits that is unrivalled by any other scheme in its category.”  he added.


Mr. Anoop Verma, Associate Director, Alliance Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. further elaborates on the salient features in this policy saying, “Some of the policy features of ‘Shravak Arogyam – Phase 3’ are unique and are not available in retail policies otherwise offered in the market. For instance, it’s a family floater covering ‘1+5’ (6 members) of the family with Pre Existing Diseases & New Born Babies are covered from Day 1 and Entry Age is up to 80 Years & then the coverage facility is for lifetime. It also covers Psychiatric Ailments, Cyber Knife Treatment, Stem Cell Transplantation, Cochlear Implant and Maternity Benefits as well. These policies are also eligible for tax benefits applicable to health insurance policies under the Income Tax Act under section 80D.”   


Substantial basics

While most of the policies available in the market for those over 60 years of age come with a lot of restrictions, Shravak Arogyam has extended the full benefits of this program with an entry age up to 80 years and the opportunity for lifelong renewal. The program also covers maternity with a waiting period of nine months as well as a maximum family size of six people which can include a couple, two kids, and either of the spouse’s parents.


Thoughtful Add-on


Beyond these basics, the program also offers a Personal Accident Cover to the Proposer. This benefit is over and above the Mediclaim cover. The Proposer is covered for INR 2 lacs / 5 lacs / 10 lacs as per the sum insured of his Mediclaim policy. No other retail policy in the market comes with a combination of accident and Mediclaim. Like all new-age policies, these can also be renewed online.



Policy specific to diseases prevalent in the Jain community


JIO has identified the top six ailments prevalent in the Jain community starting with eye related diseases to heart and cancer related diseases and ensured that they are covered under this policy.