Jain Group Is Going Green To Mark World Environment Day


– Developing A Dense Forest Using Miyawaki, A Japanese Plantation Technique –


Kolkata, 4th June, 2019: Jain Group has taken an initiative of developing a dense forest, a first of its kind plantation technique being implemented in Eastern India, to mark World Environment Day. The first initiative will see a total 1,00,000 saplings being planted, by using Miyawaki, a Japanese plantation technique, to develop the dense forest. The plants are being provided by The West Bengal Forest Department. The work for the first such initiative has started in Jain Group’s Dream Eco City project in Durgapur. The company will soon implement Miyawaki in their select projects in Kolkata.

Urbanisation in Durgapur has exposed the city to high pollution. Keeping that in mind Jain Group decided to create a dense forest based on a revolutionary concept that originated in Japan. This method is called Miyawaki and will help in protection of water and soil – keeping the ecological balance intact. Miyawaki helps the forest to grow ten times faster, absorb a high amount of carbon-dioxide amount and reduce noise and dust pollution. Dream Eco City will have an urban forest resulting in a rich and natural ecosystem.


“We have always associated development of a place with urbanisation in terms of better road, better transportation, better concrete building, schools, malls, industries and more. But this time we decided to address the issue of pollution generated due to urbanisation. We are the first real estate developer of Eastern India who will be developing a first of its kind urban forest in Durgapur in one of our projects, Dream Eco City by using the unique Japanese plantation technique, Miyawaki. This will help in creating the desired ecological balance”, said Mr Rishi Jain, Managing Director, Jain Group.  

Miyawaki will allow large number of trees to grow on a small land. This method of plantation doesn’t require much exposure of sunlight to ground, much maintenance, chemicals or artificial fertilisers.


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