Is watch really a good investment?

Is watch really a good investment?

Some products can match the personal connections we make with our watches. We use watches every day. They are useful, they allow us to express our style and, often, enjoy the emotional value that unites us to them. This combination of all elements makes many people like to wear watches every day.

Of course, the pleasure your watch generates will also be related to the amount of money you invest in it. But what if it removes the emotional aspect and focuses exclusively on money? Just as banks have deviated from their original goals, people are looking for other ways to invest the money generated by their sweat. Is the watch a good investment? The answer cannot be reduced to yes or no, so let’s look at various types of possible investments and what they mean for you as a consumer.

Like cars and antique furniture, the watch industry has experienced a boom in the number of investors who are trying to get rich with the sale of watches, especially in high-level auctions. The most prominent example is the 2017 Rolex Daytona Paul Newman auction, which belongs to the same Paul Newman and is sold with astronomical figures 17.75 million dollars. The auction includes 50 hours of choice, and almost all are sold at incredible prices.

But does that mean that the number of all watches sold at auction will increase over time? In fact, only a few will double or multiply their value in the near future, and many speculative prices are based solely on the commotion they have created around them. There is no rational explanation for the amount paid in this auction, but, as they say, fools do not have money.

Most watches sold with such quantities come with a story: “this watch is famous”, “this watch is the first to reach space”, “this watch is unique”. Everything is a generic story without personal relationships with investors. However, it is precisely this anecdote that triggers the value of watches that are already expensive and can only be permitted by a handful of lucky people. To be part of this exclusive group and even reach the possibility of buying a watch at auction, you must have a prominent wallet and excellent connections. If so, you should expect that you will build an emotional connection with your example beyond its economic value.

Safe bet

Maybe what you are looking for is investing in a good watch that will really be charged, at a price that makes more sense and at least retains its value. There are a number of brands, or rather models, whose value will increase only because of their scarcity or because they are the classic ones that everyone must have.

These models are not considered classic without reason. All of them are witnesses of superior watchmaking, they have become icons for their brands which means a change in the industry and starred in some of the best stories that tie us to our watches.


The Rolex sports model is the most famous example. If you want to get a new Rolex Submariner, Daytona, Sea-Dweller or GMT-Master II, you have to be in line with everyone. And if what you’re looking for is Rolex sports vintage, you will see that the value of this watch remains or increases over time, almost without exception. There is no doubt that they are a fairly safe investment in the long run.

Another watch whose price has dropped is Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, especially the Jumbo Royal Oak model and its successor. Royal Oak, a superior luxury sports watch, is in great demand to represent a revolution in the design of watches and a show of technical expertise. When it was introduced in 1972, Royal Oak did not have a big impact, but opinions have changed little by little over the past five decades, and today this model is one of the biggest icons of the luxury watch industry.

What can we conclude? Investing in luxury watches such as tissot watch or is still profitable as long as we can predict a decline or increase in prices after several years.


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