Indo-Israeli Start-up, SafeHouse Tech Launches World’s Fastest VPN with BodyGuard 4.0


SafeHouse Tech has launched their flagship mobile security product BodyGuard on major digital platforms today. BodyGuard 4.0 is the result of a breakthrough in SafeHouse’s R&D Lab in Israel and it comes with major performance upgrades. This new version comes with enhanced AI-based security capabilities, uses a higher level of encryption & hence bolsters the privacy, and makes BodyGuard the world’s fastest VPN. India’s rapidly evolving digital landscape has accelerated at an even faster rate this last quarter making smartphone use a necessity now more than ever, and still they are being left vulnerable to hackers. Most smartphone users do not know the cyber threats their devices, data, and lives are prone to. SafeHouse Tech has launched BodyGuard 4.0 that enables anybody to secure his or her device and digital identity in one click. Aditya Narang, Co-founder & Managing Director, SafeHouse Technologies BodyGuard can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore and Google Play. The proprietary, state-of-the-art technology is non-intrusive, enhances internet performance & speed and protects the smartphones and the data of its users from a wide range of cyber threats such as phishing, malware and malicious links; all while using less than 1% of the phone battery. On launching BodyGuard 4.0, Aditya Narang, Co-founder & Managing Director, SafeHouse Technologies, said, “Given our current situation, we are even more dependent on our smartphones more than ever before. This increase in usage and dependence on smartphones has incalculable benefits and efficiencies but with it comes a new era of cyber threats. As these digital devices become more prevalent and vital to our lives, smartphone users must be protected all the time. BodyGuard 4.0 is designed to help Indian smartphone users to protect their devices and sensitive data from sophisticated threats. Our aim is to democratize cyber security and make it accessible to everyone.” BodyGuard 4.0 is an extremely easy-to-use app and requires just one click to activate the military grade security, enhanced privacy, and increase in speed performance. The ease of usage is what sets the app apart and makes mobile security more accessible to smartphone users across the country and enables even those individuals who are not very tech-savvy to secure their mobile devices against advanced threats. Aditya added, “Users can download BodyGuard 4.0 from the AppStore and Play Store on their Apple and Android mobile phones. We are pioneers in offering military grade technology to everyday users. We received an overwhelming response from the market with the initial versions of BodyGuard and with 4.0 we strive to achieve 90% market share in the mobile security segment in India by the end of 2021.” About SafeHouse Technologies SafeHouse Technologies is a new age mobile-first cyber security enterprise with offices in Israel and India. Founded by Aditya Narang and Liad Herman, the Israel based company has been in stealth operations since 2016 and has recently decided to make its operations public. Driven by its mission to “democratise cyber security”, SafeHouse Technologies aims to secure the digital identity of Indian consumers, protecting them from cyber-attacks with its array of new-age products specialized to secure internet activity across one of the most vulnerable devices we own today – our mobile phones. SafeHouse Technologies has raised several rounds of funding, from notable institutional investors such as Barclays Ventures and high net worth individuals such as Gopal Das, Roman Abramovich, and Dr. Purnendu Chatterjee.


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