india news rajasthan hosted mega political conclave manch rajasthan – ab ki baar likh kar do sarkar’_ in jaipur

india news rajasthan hosted mega political conclave manch rajasthan

JAIPUR, 2019: On the occasion of Rajasthan foundation day,
India News Rajasthan hosted, ‘_MANCH RAJASTHAN – AB KI BAAR LIKH KAR
DO SARKAR’__ _a mega political conclave to gauge the mood of the
people of Rajasthan on the forthcoming general elections, the event was
held in pink city Jaipur at Hotel Clarks Amer. During the event several
political dignitaries participated and attended various panel
discussions on some of the major issues during general elections.

by multiple panel discussions and one-on-ones that sought and addressed
several key issues of the state including law and order, development and
infrastructure, health and education, youth welfare, employment and
agriculture and development.

india news rajasthan hosted mega political conclave manch rajasthan

– ab ki baar likh kar do sarkar’_ in jaipur

In an exclusive session with Shri Prakash Javadekar,_ Minister of Human
Resource Development, Government of India, _Shri Javadekar spoke about
the powerful leadership of Prime Minister  Shri Narendra Modi and
successful implementation of schemes and policies by BJP government, he
said_ “Prime Minister Modi has been working day and night to
strengthen the poor, and has fulfilled his promise of Sabka Saath Sabka
Vikas, during 2019 elections, NDA alliance will win more than 400 seats
this time and people of the country will award Prime Minister Shri
Narendra Modi with a huge mandate.” _On the state of Rajasthan_, _he
said that, _“BJP will secure all 25 seats in Rajasthan in upcoming Lok
Sabha elections 2019.__”  _

_ _

In another exclusive session, Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore,_
Minister of State (I/C) Youth Affairs & Sports, MoS (I/C) Information &
Broadcasting, Government of India _spoke on different issues including
the recent Mission Shakti’: India’s first anti-satellite missile system,
while discussing he also mentioned how Indian army successfully
conducted Air Strikes after Pulwama terror attack and how Indian
government is doing incremental damage to terrorists. He further
elaborated on various government policies launched by Prime Minister
Shri Narendra Modi, he said _that   “Prime Minister Shri Narendera
Modi takes every decision in favour of country, during the course of
five years corruption and poverty is reduced in India.” _

_ _

During the conclave, in one of the session, Shri Raghu Sharma, _Minister
of Medical and Health, Medical Education, Ayurveda and DIPR_,
_Government of Rajasthan_, the minister spoke on various health policies
of the state government, he also mentioned about the state government
movement against the food adulteration, further he added that “_State
government hospitals are getting better day by day and Chief Minister of
Rajasthan, Shri Ashok Gehlot is trying to provide better health
facilities to 7 crore people of the state._” Further on the
forthcoming general elections, he said that _“Congress has full faith
in Shri Rahul Gandhi’s leadership and the party believes in a
combination of experience with youth.”_

In another session with Shri Vishvendra Singh, _Cabinet Minister,
Department of Tourism and Devsthan, Government of Rajasthan, _Shri
Singh,_ _spoke about the measures which the state government is taking
to promote Rajasthan tourism across the globe, he further added that
“_Politics should be kept aside and state and central government
should work together to promote state tourism with which thousands of
jobs can be created and I am hopeful that Rajasthan tourism will touch
new heights.”    _

In the next session, there was a debate which held between, Shri Govind
Singh Dotasara, _Minister for Education (Independent Charge), Tourism &
Devsthan, Government of Rajasthan _and Shri Vasudev Devnani, _MLA from
Ajmer North, BJP,_ during the debate_ _both leaders discusses on
experimentation of politics in education system. In another session,
there was a discussion between Shri Ghanshyam Tiwari, _Congress Leader_
and Shri Rajendra Rathod, _BJP MLA from Churu,_ these leaders discussed
on the issue on ideological differences between political leaders and
nepotism in politics.

_ _

In another interesting session on women empowerment in Politics, there
were Smt Ajnana Sharma, _Vice President and Media Chairperson, Congress
Committee_, Smt Suman Sharma, _Women Cell Chief_, Smt Nilima Johary,
_Retired IAS officer,_ Smt Ratna Singh, _Rani of Shahpura_. These women
spoke on how women empowerment is important in politics.  While speaking
on Manch Rajasthan, Smt Nilima Johari, says “_Wrong implementation of
policy creates problem for women.__” _While, Smt Suman Sharma, says_
“Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is working day and night for women
empowerment.” _The session was followed by a session on Royal families
in politics, discussed about the role of political leaders from royal
families, during the session, Shri Raj Kumar Devayush, _BJP Leader_ says
“_People of the country are aware and elects their leader smartly.”
_The last segment titled “_Ab Ki Baar Likh Kar Do Sarkar_” was about
the promises made by political parties in the manifesto during
elections, where Shri Mahesh Joshi, _Senior Congress Leader_ spoke on
the promises made by Congress party during Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha
elections and its status after forming the government.

_ _

Manch Rajasthan is an initiative of India News Rajasthan, to foster a
sense of citizenship and make political processes more transparent and
accountable towards the people of the state.


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