IIHMR organised Orientation Programme for MBA Students welcomed debut batch on-board


India’s premier institute in hospital and health management, Indian Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) welcomed a new batch of students into its MBA program for the 2019-21 batch. Almost 270 students were admitted into the program, of which 180 students joined MBA in Hospital & Health Management, 60 were admitted to MBA in Pharmaceutical Management, and 30 in MBA in Rural Management.

A two-day orientation program was held at the Jaipur campus where the event saw dignitaries such as Prof. (Dr.) Azhar Kazmi, Professor Department of Management & Marketing, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia, gracing the occasion as the Chief Guest at the inaugural program. The other luminaries were, Dr U.V. Somayajulu, President, Indian Association for Study of Population, New Delhi, Sunil Thomas Jacob, State Program Co-Ordinator, United Nations Population Fund, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Joy Chakraborty, Chief Operating Officer, P. D. Hinduja National Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Mumbai, and Amlan Bhusan Director, Anayaha Capital Limited, London (UK), who attended the event and provided insights into their fields and expertise.

Dr. Pankaj Gupta, President, IIHMR University said, “I can see a lot of energy, lot of hope, lot of passion here and also a great welcome to all my very wonderful colleagues and all the dignitaries. When you are chill, when you are having no tension, the best things happen in your life. If you have a learning attitude you will have so many opportunities to learn from each other and to grow in life.  Always go in the right direction with a restful mind and know yourself pretty well before setting your goal,” while addressing the enthusiastic bunch of new students in the new auditorium at IIHMR Jaipur campus.

Azhar Kazmi said he is happy to see an increased number of female students enrolling for the MBA program. “I believe one day we have to reserve seats for men, and it is good as it is reversing the biasness of centuries. In private sectors, long term careers are not available and I am surprised to see younger people that they are not even looking at long term career and at the same time companies are also adopting short term perspective unfortunately in some way,” he said. Kazmi went on to add a list of organizational skills that companies/ institutes are looking at while hiring, thus providing some excellent tips to the new students, who sat there, ready to learn the intricacies of the trade.

“Recruiters are looking at set of skills and these set of skills are a mix of skills and challenge. Students from 20 states have been admitted into IIHMR. And in the future, you will see that where you guys are working, it will also turn out to be a cosmopolitan, so IIHMR is preparing you for that phase already. This level of diversity is extremely good for management students. Try to build up a global mindset. Build teamwork ability; work on organizational & communication skills,” he added.


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