If Investment Plans are the Avengers, then ULIPs are Captain America. Here’s How.


If Investment Plans are the Avengers, then ULIPs are Captain America. Here’s How.


If Investment Plans are the Avengers, then ULIPs are Captain America. Here’s How.
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“I can do this all day” – Steve Rogers aka Captain America

While Iron Man may have the suave charm, quick wit,and intellect-beyond compare and Thor may have his lightning-wielding Mjolnir, Captain America has something, which no other superhero has – integrity and an unwavering sense of morality.

From serving as a patriotic figure, inspiring the Allied troops during Second World War, to leading the Avengers against the Mad Titan Thanos, Captain America’s capabilities aren’t defined by his physical stature, but by his limitless drive to stand up for what is right.

If we talk about wealth planning, there is one instrument that stands up for your dreams and helps bring together your financial portfolio, just like Captain America stands for the “American

Dream.” And that instrument is a ULIP or Unit Linked Insurance Plan.

The analogy is pretty simple. The Avengers come together to protect the world against the alien invasion with Captain America leading from the front. In a similar way, the investment plans in your portfolio protect you from life’s uncertainties with ULIPs in front, offering both robust returns and life cover benefits under one plan.

If you are looking for more reasons to invest in a unit linked insurance plan, let Captain America be your inspiration.

  1. He Always Tries to Do the Right Thing

Captain America’s sense of right and wrong is deep-rooted into his personality. Thus, even though he is often presented with moral dilemmas, he always tries to do the right thing, regardless of how difficult it might be.

The same holds for ULIPs too. We are aware of how the investment sector is susceptible to market volatilities. While other investment plans tend to lose on returns once the market is down, ULIPs help reduce your risk exposure by allowing you to switch between equity and debt funds seamlessly.

Therefore, Unit Linked Insurance Plans help you ensure that you remain invested in top-performing funds at all times, even when the market isn’t conducive to securing high returns.

  1. He Shuns the Limelight

For a super soldier whose physical prowess is second to none and a famous public figure who wears an easily recognizable costume, Captain America is surprisingly modest.

He never indulges in a victory dance or taking up credit at the end of a winning play. Instead, he ceaselessly tries to do his job right, and is always generous in his praise for the Avengers, while minimizing his contribution.

Similarly, ULIPs from reputable insurers such as Max Life Insurance work silently to help you avail significant capital returns in the long run. Even though these plans have a lock-in period of five years, they offer sustainable returns once the period completes, making up for the initial lack of liquidity.

Unlike traditional investment options such as FDs or much riskier equity investments, which offer tangible returns in a much shorter time, ULIPs tend to work in the background, earning you significant gains over the investment tenure.

  1. He Protects His Team at All Times

It’s no accident that Captain America’s uses a shield made from Vibranium as his primary weapon. While he can easily master any weapon within seconds, he prefers to go into combat with his shield, using it to preserve and protect bystanders as well as his team members.

ULIPs too, help protect your investments and your dreams against the uncertainties of life. They have an in-built life cover component, which offers financial coverage to your assets and family throughout the investment period.

In case, anything unfortunate happens to you, ULIPs offer the required financial aid and peace of mind to your loved ones, making sure that they fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

Your Investment Portfolio Needs ULIPs, Just as Avengers Need Captain America!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of individuals who are strong, fast, and exceptionally smart. But even a team of the mightiest heroes of Earth needs the spirit of character and determination of Steve Rogers aka Captain America to take them through.

In true sense, Captain America shows us that, no matter what challenges we face, we always have it within us to do the right thing and protect everyone close to us, no matter the cost.

Similarly, ULIPs show us that it is possible to earn significant returns from equities without fearing the market volatilities or even the uncertainties of life. Along with a flexible investment structure, life cover protection throughout the investment tenure, and comprehensive ULIP tax benefits under Section 80C and 10(10D) also make these plans, a proposition worth investing into.


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