Human Rights Day 2020: “Recover Better – Stand Up For Human Rights”


This year’s Human Rights Day focuses on the devastating fallout of COVID-19 pandemic on the underprivileged people, children, and women and the need to “build back better by ensuring human rights are central to recovery efforts”. Every year Human Rights Day – a United Nations designated day – is observed on December 10. The UN encourages nations “to create equal opportunities for all” and address the issues of inequality, exclusion and discrimination. Human Rights Day is a great opportunity to spread awareness about the importance of human rights in our communities and worldwide solidarity in re-building after the pandemic.

The aim is to engage with all the stakeholders and partners and also involve the people to push for transformative action. Human Rights Day came into effect in 1948 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is available in more than 500 languages and is also the most translated document in the world.