How to change system language on Android smartphones


Bought a new smartphone from some other country which is set in their local language and looking for a way to change to your mother tongue such as Hindi, English, Marathi, Telugu?

Thankfully, Android, as an operating system supports multiple languages, in fact, users can even add as many languages they want, which is really helpful when there are several people at home who speak different languages.

Well, one can easily change the display language on Android smartphone by heading into Settings. Here’s how to do it.


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An Android smartphone obviously

Now, if you have bought a new smartphone then you can choose the desired language at the setup screen. Usually, it is the first step while setting up a new Android smartphone.

However, if you have an old smartphone that is set to some other language and you are looking to change the language, follow our step-by-step instructions.


Open Settings on your smartphone


Scroll down and look for the Language and Region icon (mostly represented by the symbol ‘A’ or globe icon), tap on it.


Here, tap on ‘+’ icon to add a new language


Now, choose the language you want to add and tap done

Also, some smartphone manufacturers place Language settings under General preferences.


Now, if you want to add more than one language repeat tap the ‘+’ icon and choose another language. After this, you can simply change the language by simply tapping on it.

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