How a firm can collaborate using Workplace

How a firm can collaborate using Workplace

Staying connected at the workplace can be tricky, with teams spread across different locations, time zones and cultures. That is where collaboration platforms such as Workplace by Facebook come in by helping connect employees with a single click and resolving issues faster, thus increasing the productivity and efficiency of an organization.

Enterprises across industries are now using Workplace—from a shipping company that connects with its ship crews using Live video, to a bank that uses Workplace instead of fax machines and newsletters to share updates with its distributed bank branches to multinational companies.

Facebook unveiled Workplace in 2016 and has since been building its customer base to get a foothold in the enterprise market. In India, Workplace is used by several large Indian firms, including Jet Airways, Ginger Hotels, Marico, Pidilite Industries and L&T Infotech (LTI), a global technology company.

LTI was one of Workplace’s first adopters in April 2016. With more than 23,000 employees working from 27 different offices, LTI’s management team was seeking an agile platform that would unite its workforce and bring efficiency to sluggish internal processes.

How a firm can collaborate using Workplace

Workplace helped them in three ways. First, LTI was able to reduce internal emails dramatically: there was a 73% drop in emails sent per month company-wide. Moreover, by creating online learning hubs in Workplace, the company cut training time by 60% and overall training costs by 85%, as hosting the courses on Workplace eliminated course participants’ travel, accommodation and classroom costs. Finally, there was a 45% improvement in turnaround time for HR and IT help desk queries that were handled manually earlier.

LTI built two Workplace Chat bots in-house that resolved requests for installing new software, unlocking accounts and checking leave balances. Within the first four months of launch, 35% of simple support activity was automated through the Workplace bot.

The result for LTI has been a whole new level of efficiency and productivity, with a 45% improvement in ticket turnaround time. “While LTI seeks to position itself as a digital transformation partner, we have transformed our sales functions, delivery and human resource practices. Workplace has provided access of the top leadership team to all employees,” says Sarang Khadilkar, project manager at LTI. “Employees have immediate access to current happenings, understand the LTI 2.0 vision, get clarifications about all doubts and share their personal feedback with top leaders.”

What makes Workplace easy to use is that it offers the best of Facebook such as News Feed, the ability to create and share in Groups, features such as Live, Reactions, Search, and chat so you can communicate with colleagues in real time.

“Everyone knows how to use Facebook. The platform is fairly easy to understand and with most people using smartphones today, it is fairly convenient to connect over Facebook. That’s the beauty of it. At Pidilite, it is one of the key interventions which has been introduced to make the employer-employee engagement more productive and efficient,” says Rahul Sinha, president, human resources, Pidilite Industries Limited, who has been using the platform for the last two years.

Jet Airways started using Workplace when it was looking for a unified communication platform to disseminate critical information and help employees connect, communicate and collaborate at work. The company is now actively using the Groups feature. It has 500 active Groups, of which 57% are categorized as “Teams and Projects”. The leadership team is actively engaging on the platform to share relevant real-time updates and conduct reward and recognition ceremonies using Workplace Live Video. Through features like Newsfeed, HR has been able to provide real-time updates to all employees regarding internal job postings, new policies and other organization-wide announcements.

“Workplace was the right platform because of the brand, familiarity, accessibility and scalability,” says Rahul Taneja, chief people officer at Jet Airways. “We can confidently say that Workplace is helping Jet Airways to connect, communicate and collaborate like never before. It is fast becoming the common thread.”

Travel and hospitality company Ginger Hotels is another organization using Workplace in a big way. With lean staffing and employees travelling most of the time, the company conducts meetings via video chats, which has resulted in reduced email volume, meetings and travel cost. Live video is used extensively for on-boarding employees and to share event updates.

source: livemint