“Horrible Situation”: Trump On China Allowing Covid To Spread Around World


Terming the COVID-19 outbreak as a ”horrible situation”, President Donald Trump on Wednesday hit out at China for allowing COVID-19 to spread outside Beijing while preventing the spread in its own country.

“We came together and what happened was that we then got hit by the plague (COVID-19). We were really coming together and then we got hit by this horrible situation–it could have been stopped. China stopped it from going into the rest of China but they did not stop it from coming out and going to Europe, the United States and the rest of the world,” Trump said here at a rally organised for his re-election to the Presidency.

He added, “We are now putting it together. We had it done and now we are doing it again and next year we will be stronger. This coming year will be even better.”

The US president further hit out at the former Vice President and his Democratic counterpart Joe Biden for supporting China’s entry into the World Trade Organisation (WTO), stating that it was a “catastrophe for our nation”.

“Since the ChinaVirus, we have created a record of 11.4 million jobs. We have cut the unemployment rate by half. We are down to 7.8 per cent. Jobs have been recovering 23 times than the Obama-Biden recovery,” he said.

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