Healthcare Start-up eMediNexus is the Fastest Growing Professional Networking and Advocacy Platform for Accredited Medical Practitioners


New Delhi, Delhi, India
Registers over 30,000 doctors in just three months
Reaches over 2 lakh doctors with the latest 24 hours in medicine on daily basis enabling them to make better decisions with their patients

Recently launched professional networking platform for accredited medical practitioners, eMediNexus has completed 30,000 registrations in a nominal period of 3 months. With the promise of providing the latest developments in medicine as well as helping doctors regularly update their knowledge, eMediNexus reaches over 2 lakh doctors on a daily basis through its e-newspaper eMediNews.

Working at the intersection of clinical learning, networking, and advocacy needs of the medical profession, eMediNexus has within a very short period of time established itself as a consolidated voice of doctors in India. In fact it has seen great success in digital advocacy having had successfully run the IMA Satyagraha campaign with the Indian Medical Association aimed at garnering support of the medical fraternity towards the cause of the increasing violence against doctors.

eMediNexus was launched in November 2015 by medical communication and investing/consulting professionals, Mr. Nilesh Aggarwal and Mr. Amit Sharma respectively. By delivering current instructional and discussion-oriented clinical content to doctors mediated by key opinion leaders and a dedicated clinical staff, eMediNexus allows doctors to address the current vacuum in their specialty-specific continuous medical education (CME).

‘Given major efforts and capital to boost the supply of healthcare services across the country, and with Indian doctors treating on average 10X the number of patients as their Western counterparts, eMediNexus aims to digitize medical education and maintain it as a continuous process throughout a physician’s career, boosting the productivity of the sector, and eventually improving patient outcomes. It is also a platform through which the medical fraternity can collaborate and voice its concerns and demands,’’ said Mr. Nilesh Aggarwal and Mr. Amit Sharma Co-founders of eMediNexus.

In partnership with the IJCP Group, a leading medical publication house, and carrying forward India’s oldest healthcare e-newsletter, eMediNews, eMediNexus guarantees the most cutting edge content and is today the official digital partner of most major national specialty conferences in India such as the APICON, PEDICON, FOGSI etc., in addition to hosting the weekly webcasts of the Indian Medical Association.

A mobile and web enabled healthcare technology platform, eMediNexus is a free service available to all doctors across India.

About eMediNexus:

Founded in 2015, eMediNexus is India’s fastest growing mobile and web-enabled professional networking platform for doctors. By delivering cutting edge instructional and discussion oriented clinical content to doctors mediated by key opinion leaders, it allows them to address the current vacuum in their continuous medical education needs. The platform provides doctors with the last 24 hours in medicine, the opportunity to engage within their specialties, access national medical event and association feeds, and discuss individually with each other or the broader doctor community.


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