Head Office Leads In IndianOil Inter Region Sports Meet


Indore, 24 September 2016 : On the fourth day of 18th Inter Region Sports Meet (IRSM) of IndianOil being played at Abhay Prashal Stadium the results for Bridge, Chess, Badminton (mixed doubles) championship  were declared.


The pair of Vishwa Shanti Bhattacharya and A Shetty from Head Office won the championship by 130.50 points whereas runners up pair were M.R. Khadka and R.D. Ghumra of Western Region with 123.50 points. Third position was won by R. Natarajan and Satish Alexander’s pair of Southern Region with 112.50.


Southern Region’s Prakash K.S. earned 4.5 points out of 5 and emerged as clear winner. R. Jayshankar from Southern Region got 4 out of 5. Third position was won by G.Ramkumar of Head Office.


In all seven rounds were played under men, women and veteran categories. In mixed doubles the Northern Region emerged as champion. Love Goyal and Kiran from Northern Region beat C. Sharad Kumar and Ramaya Sharma of Southern Region by 19-21, 21-14 and 21-12.

Veterans Doubles : Eastern Region won the championship. Eastern Region’s Balbhadrachaya and Panchanan Ghosh beat Headquarter’s Subodh Dakwale and Rakesh Sehgal by 21-11, 21-17.

Men’s Singles : C.Sharad Kumar of Southern Region and J Kumar Dhaka of Northern Region made their place in finals.

Women’s Singles : Seema Desai of Head Office and Sumie Blesson of  Head Office made their place in finals.

Veteran Singles :  Balbhadracharya of Eastern Region and Udit Jain of Head Office made their place in finals.

Physically handicap league matches : Deepak Sharma of Northern Region won the championship whereas R.G. Durai of Southern Region was declared runner up. Shrikant Tiwari of Eastern Region stood third.

Women’s Doubles :  Seema Desai and Sumie Blesson of Head Office and Saraswati Joshi and Kunda Nayak of Head Office made their way to finals.

Men’s Doubles :  J.Kumar Dhaka and Love Goyal of Northern Region and C. Sharad Kumar and Venkatesh Murthy of Southern Region reached finals.

Table Tennis

Women’s Singles Semi Finals : N.C. Fereira of Head Office beat Sunita Mudgil of Northern Region by 4-0. Bibiana Lopes of Head Office won against Vibha Shinde of Head Office by 4-3.

Men’s Single Semi Finals : Pramod Desai of Western Region won against Subhashis Bagui of Eastern Region by 4-0. Datta Sawant of Western Region beat Gautam of Southern Region by 4-1.

Veteran’s Singles Semi Finals : Nitin Gode Western Region beat Rakesh Dhavan of Northern Region by 3-0 and Rajeev Rane of Head Office beat Ajay Kapoor of Northern Region by 3-0.

Veteran’s Doubles Final : Amit Mukhopadhyay and Debashish Mukherjee of Eastern Region beat Rajeev Rane and Datta Dayalkar of Head Office by 3-1.


The mixed double category of Carrom witnessed finals. In this category the Western Region’s Ashraf Ali Sheikh and Durgesha Paradkar beat Manoj Pednekar and Radhika Sawant of Head Office by 0-18, 16-10, 25-19.


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