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This dada is the best guide to real estate decisions. GK-Da, aka Griho Kumar-Da, has been clearing misconceptions and providing reliable advice to those who are unsure about the when, why and the how of buying a home.

GK-Da, whose real name is G.K. Banerjee, is the friendly mascot of a three-month-long campaign by CREDAI Bengal, the West Bengal Chapter of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Associations of India (CREDAI), the apex body of real estate developers in the country. With over 450 members, Credai Bengal, among numerous other initiatives to boost the sector, promotes transparent communication between consumers and real estate developers.

The innovative virtual character of GK-Da, whose knowledge of the real estate market is second to none, has allowed CREDAI Bengal to answer the queries of prospective homebuyers whose plans have been affected by the pandemic. The unique campaign proposition is Etai Best Time' or This is the best time', which is GK-Da's central message to prospective homebuyers.

Through a series of short animated videos that are being posted on Facebook, Instagram and the CREDAI Bengal Homes website, and shared by the most popular actors and actresses in the Bengali film industry, the knowledgeable and helpful GK-Da has been providing insights and tips to prospective homebuyers. In the process, he has been clearing ambiguities and wrong impressions regarding real estate and homebuying. On the CREDAI Bengal Homes website, GK-Da assumes the avatar of a chatbot who dispenses reliable advice to homebuyers in real-time.

GK-Da's advice to buy a home right now is based on the ground reality of the real estate market:

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The interest rates on home loans are at their lowest in memory. This has reduced the EMI, allowing the buyer to consider a bigger loan and a better home. Those who were settling for a 1 BHK can now go for a 2 BHK.

The drop in interest rate has also made the EMI almost equal to the rent paid. This means those living in rented properties can buy their own home by just converting their rent into EMI.

Moreover, for the price of their monthly rent, homebuyers are acquiring an asset that will continue to appreciate in value, as GK-Da points out.

In the current scenario, real estate is a safer investment that is also yielding a higher return than the stock market. And this has been the historical trend as well.

Builders are still completing under-construction projects but are not starting on new ones. Hence, the supply will remain constant while the demand will continue to rise, especially after the pandemic ends. This will certainly push up prices in the near future.

One's own home provides security and social respect that a tenant does not enjoy. And this is the best time to make the dream of owning a home a reality.

Purchasing a home using a home loan confers significant income tax benefits, not just on the principal amount but also on the interest payment. Other assets do not come with such tax benefits, which is another point that GK-Da has stressed on multiple videos and ads.

The Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) has been extended till March 2021. This scheme provides substantial financial benefits to a homebuyer.

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Unlike most other assets, a house can be a source of regular income round the year, if it is rented out. Home or income-generating asset, whatever one's preference, buying a house is a no-brainer, as GK-Da points out. ? We built this real estate awareness campaign around #etaibesttime and #GKDa with the main objective to build the confidence of the buyer and instil positivity around property investment in these pandemic times. At a time, when everything seemed uncertain, having one's own home dawned on many as the best bet for many unsure or fence-sitting buyers. The campaign put out honest factors governing the market presently which make home-buying an advantageous proposition for many. Apart from helping the consumer, as the industry body, it was also our responsibility to keep an unwavering focus on real estate, which employs one of the largest pools of workers in the country and supports around 250 ancillary industries, said Mr Nandu Belani, President, CREDAI Bengal, and Chairman, Belani Group.

According to Mr Pawan Agarwal, Campaign Committee Member, CREDAI Bengal, and Director, NK Realtors, To homebuyers, GK-Da is someone knowledgeable about anything related to real estate. Thanks to him, many people who were thinking about buying homes but did not know who to go to with their questions, have got their answers sitting at home. Market sentiments and negative media reports often deter people from buying, but we've ensured that the truth reaches buyers and people buy when the circumstances are favourable for it, in the backdrop of a pandemic.

GK-Da is the latest of the creative approaches that CREDAI Bengal has embraced to reach out to buyers and grow the industry. Coupled with the blurb #etaibesttime denoting 'this is the best time' (to buy), innovative campaign approaches have made him reach the right audiences and, more importantly, newer audiences, said Mr Sidharth Pansari, Campaign Committee Member, CREDAI Bengal, and Director, Primarc Projects.

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Apart from holding knowledge-sharing events among members, CREDAI Bengal regularly organises events and exhibitions to showcase their projects. The industry body had welcomed the implementation of the West Bengal Housing Industry Regulation Act (WBHIRA) and constantly strives to usher in ethical and transparent business practices in the real estate industry. To Watch the Video Click on the Link Below: GK Da says #EtaiBestTime to invest in your Dream Home! To View the Image Click on the Link Below: One home many benefits.


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