GSK Consumer Healthcare ventures into protein segment with the launch of Horlicks Protein+



Some Proteins get to work in the body very quickly, while others are released slowly over the course of many hours. Choosing a protein drink that has a blend of proteins, like Horlicks Protein+, ensures you get the best of both worlds with even delivery of amino acids throughout the day.  Whey Protein is a fast release protein, being digested rapidly and leading to a fast increase in amino acids into the blood  Soy Protein is termed an 'intermediate release protein', releasing amino acids into the blood a little slower than whey but higher as compared to casein  Casein, is a slow release protein with a lower peak but a more gradual and prolonged amino acid release patternNew Delhi, February 2018: GSK Consumer Healthcare has extended the brand Horlicks, India’s leading Health Food Drink (HFD) into an all new category of high protein drink for active adults with the launch of its new variant Hoicks Protein+. Horlicks Protein+ was conceived with a vision of catering to the growing nutritional requirements, specifically protein related needs, of modern day professionals with demanding schedules and little time on hand to address the issue of adequate protein intake required by the body.

With their entry into a new category, GSK Consumer Healthcare also announcedBollywood actor, R Madhavan as the brand ambassador for Horlicks Protein+.

After the age of 30, people tend to lose 3-8% of their muscle mass per decade. Healthy muscles are important for optimal function due to their active role in human movement, powering us through the day. With a drop-in muscle mass and strength, a drop in functional capacity leads to fatigue. However, an optimal intake of high quality proteins and regular physical activity, can help reduce this decline in function. Maintenance of muscle mass requires not just the right amount of protein but also the right quality. Horlicks Protein+ is designed to address this issue of optimum quality protein intake amongst the modern-day masses, wherein the average Indian diet falls short.

According to experts, an ideal source of protein ensures fast and prolonged amino acid release which cannot be achieved through a single source of protein. Hence, experts recommend a blend of proteins that enables a swift release of amino acids while also ensuring prolonged availability for muscle protein synthesis. Horlicks Protein+ contains of a triple blend of proteins – fast release whey, intermediate release soy and slow release casein. Hence, this triple protein blend provides a steady flow of Amino Acids to the muscles for a prolonged duration.

Quick facts on Protein  The word “protein” is from the Greek word proteios, which means “primary” or “holding the first place.” The term was first used in 1883.  • The human body has about 100,000 different types of protein. The body needs protein to grow, heal, and carry about nearly every chemical reaction in the body.  • Protein is in each of the trillions of cells in the human body. There could be no life without protein. The only other substance more plentiful in the body is water. Approximately 18-20% of the body is protein by weight.  • Proteins in the human body have many jobs. For example, a protein called rhodopsin in our eyes helps us see light. Haemoglobin in red cells carries oxygen from the lungs to the body’s cells and takes away their harmful waste product, carbon dioxide. Additionally, proteins give the body structure, help regulate body processes, defend against disease, maintain the body’s internal environment, and give us energy.

All three proteins in Horlicks Protein+ (whey, soy and casein) are high quality, complete proteins that contain 9 essential amino acids important to support healthy muscles and maintain strength over time to foster a healthy lifestyle. Horlicks Protein+ also contains B Vitamins known to support energy release & iron to help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Commenting on his association with Horlicks Protein+, Madhavan said“I have always believed in keeping myself fit and proper protein intake is something that has helped me achieve that. How much protein you eat is important but I always emphasize on the quality of protein. Having the right protein, can help you live a healthier and a better lifestyle. I believe that Horlicks Protein+, with its triple blend of Whey, Casein and Soy, has just the right ingredients to give me energy and enable me to be a better version of myself, every day.

Vikram Bahl, Area Marketing Lead, Nutrition & Digestive health, GSK Consumer Healthcare India while commenting on the product launch, said “With Horlicks Protein+, we seek to bring to our consumers, a better protein to help them with optimal nutrition needs of today’s busy lifestyleFurther to our intent of launching relevant products driven by deep consumer insights, Horlicks Protein+ is a true innovation which promises to deliver on the benefit of an ideal blend of quality proteins to help modern Indians lead a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.”


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