GreenHomes Mumbai decorating homes in tandem with nature


    Businessfortnight had a conversation with Mr Ankit Doshi, CEO and Founder – GreenHomes Mumbai, about his innovative new ideas. He also talked about his vision to usher in living spaces to pave so that nature’s peaceful rhythm can flow into homes just how sunshine floats through trees. In conversation with Editor Ravindra Soni, Mr Ankit Doshi talks about his vision.

    From an entrepreneur (engineer) to a greenpreneur, how has the journey been so far?
    Being a Greenpreneur has been my passion all throughout. For all this, while I was busy being an entrepreneur, so I didn’t have enough time at hand to explore this idea. But now that I am able to remove some time off my schedule, due to lockdown, I think it’s about the time I started exploring my passion for green homes.

    What inspired you to come up with Green HomesMumbai?
    Well, what really inspired me to start GreenHomes in Mumbai is the burning topic of Global warming and this horrendous pollution within the city. Unfortunately, Mumbai city has become a concrete jungle. The only way to deal with both these issues is by planting. I believe, in a personal space at least, people must have something refreshing and natural around them. That’s when I decided to buy a bunch of plants gift them to my close ones. They loved my gesture, my present, and the idea behind it. So, that’s when it clicked to me that making homes green can be a true passion to pursue.

    What is the vision and mission of GreenHomes Mumbai?
    The vision and mission of GreenHomes Mumbai are as simple as bringing greenery into the house. We really want to shift people’s focus from the fact that the only way to decorate or refurnish a living space is by getting fancy furniture that burns a hole in the pockets. In fact, simple plant saplings, when placed strategically within the premises, can not only beautify the living space but also give a boost to overall health. Our mission is to beautify homes in a manner that also offers health benefits.

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    How has the response of people been so far?
    Honestly, the responses have been really great. Since our aim is to cater to each customer personally and with precision and care, and the quality of our plants is great, we have received an amazing response. Everyone is loving it and all the more people are taking interest in having plants in their homes.

    How is GreenHomes Mumbai helping people in these difficult times?
    To simply put, plants can go a great way to boost both physical and mental health. During COVID times especially, when people are surrounded by stress, having plants and staying around them in the home can be a welcoming and peaceful haven. Plants can decrease stress, uplift mood, and cheer people up by simply being present.

    How are you dealing with the safety and hygiene measures of your staff and the products/things you deliver?
    We are doing everything possible to ensure a safe and hygienic environment at Green Homes. All our delivery boys are tested for COVID. We make sure to run daily temperature checks and well sanitize all the boxes that deliver the plants. We also ensure a zero-contact delivery.

    GreenHomes Mumbai came up with a concept – The Green Initiative, what are your thoughts?
    Well, Green Initiative aims to bring greenery to your living space. Honestly, I started Green Homes because I was passionate about the idea, not because I have some business goals to fulfil. I didn’t start this company to mint money. Rather, I started it so that people can be made aware of house plants and how these saplings can make living space more cheerful and refreshing.

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    Where do you see Green Homes in the coming years?
    As I said, GreenHomes Mumbai is not really a business idea. This project is both my interest and passion, which is why I have not set any specific targets to achieve. Of course, the plan of expansion remains so that we can reach out to as many people as possible to fill their lives with greenery and happiness.