Government of India should give legal rights to Allopathic doctors to use and prescribe Ayurvedic simple Ayurvedic Medicines – Ayurveda Acharya Harish Kumar Verma


PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry invited Dr. Harish Kumar Verma, President of Best Ayurveda Limited, Toronto, Canada, as a speaker along with many other industry experts in a webinar on ‘Sickness to Wellness through AYUSH System’ on Thursday, June 24, 2021 for sharing views on the significance and rising demand of Indian system of medicines in India. In the presentation Dr. Harish mentioned that both Ayurveda and Allopathic System of Medicines have their own strengths and limitations in the field of medicine. Where the Allopathic System of Medicine is very strong in Evidence Based Diagnosis of the Disease, Ayurveda has the simple, safe, cost effective solutions and medicines for those diseases, which are considered incurable in Allopathic System of Medicine.

In recent times, a lot of fighting is seen between IMA and Ayurveda and Yoga Practitioners. Dr Verma pointed out that instead of fighting with each other the practitioners of both the systems of medicines co-operate with each other and should work together to provide safe and cost-effective medicines to poor people of India.

According to Dr Verma many Allopathic doctors are interested in prescribing Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Giloy, Arjuna like herbs in the current pandemic. But due to legal issues they do not prescribe these herbs or herbal medicines on their letterhead. There is a provision of Balya/Paushak Aushadhi in the Drugs and Cosmetic Act. If the Government of India can pass in parliament that Balya / Paushak Ayurvedic medicines can be prescribed or dispensed by any Registered Medical Practitioner then it will enable the allopathic doctors to use these Ayurvedic products in their practice.

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Dr Harish Verma concluded that with this slight amendment in the Drug act about use of these Balya / Paushak Ayurvedic Drugs, Ayurveda will become more popular in India and abroad.