GoAir introduces GoMore adjacent seat and online doctor consultation


· GoMore adjacent seat can booked on www.goair.in, mobile app and through travel agents

· Online doctor consultation available for Rs 99

· Full body check for Rs 599 (50+ tests) and advanced full body check for Rs 999 (75+ tests)

India, 22 July 2020: Close on the heels of launching Quarantine Packages, GoAir, India’s most trusted brand, today launched two initiatives that will provide deep confidence to passengers when they plan their travel. The airline has introduced GoMore wherein passengers can book another adjacent seat on the same PNR in order to provide additional safety. The GoMore ticket can be booked across channels, including the airline’s website (www.goair.in), mobile app and travel agents. For the adjacent seat, no additional baggage allowance, meals or any other service will be available.

GoAir has also launched ‘Online Doctor Consultation’ in association with MFine, an on-demand healthcare platform. GoAir passengers will have instant access to 3000+ doctors across 500+ hospitals network on a beck and call by just paying consultation fee of Rs 99. The passengers will be able to practically skip the waiting room and consult with the best doctors in the city on their mobile phone. Going a step further, GoAir passenger can also opt for a full body check (that includes 50+ tests and is worth Rs 1,499) for Rs 599 or an advanced full body check (that includes 75+ tests and is worth Rs 2,908) for Rs 999. Both the health checks include a free report evaluation with a doctor on MFine.

Given the risk of visiting a hospital or clinic for consultation and unnecessarily exposing oneself to other infections, the MFine app connects the GoAir passenger to top doctors in the city from the most trusted hospitals. Passengers can consult with health experts across 30+ specialities including physician, orthopedician, diabetologist, pediatrician, gynaecologist, skin & hair specialist, dietitian, dentist, heart specialist, ophthalmologist, ENT specialist, et al via chat, audio or video call. The MFine app can also help GoAir passengers get consultation for COVID-19 symptoms. If the passengers are experiences any symptoms of flu or any viral infection, then they can get their symptoms assessed by a doctor immediately.

“At GoAir it is our endeavor to provide a safe and confident journey. There is no higher priority to our entire GoFamily than the safety of our customers and employees. At every stage we want our passengers to feel confident when travelling with GoAir and to achieve that, we are introducing slew of measures. Recently we introduced Quarantine Packages and today we are introducing GoMore and Online Doctor Consultation. There are few more value adds in the offing that will provide passengers with additional confidence to travel,” said the GoAir Spokesperson.


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