Future Generali India Life Insurance LaunchesTrust Campaign 2.0’


Mumbai, June 13, 2022: After the successful run of the earlier Brand Campaign around
showcasing Future Generali India Life Insurance as a Trustworthy brand, Future Generali India
Life Insurance is back with ‘Trust Campaign 2.0’. The aim is simple, i.e., to build stronger trust
bonds with the customers, distributors, and partners. The brand continues to adhere to ‘father’
as the protagonist while imbibing and manifesting the values of #BharosaPapaJaisa (Trust like
fathers) – a pure, secured, and eternal relationship.
About the Campaign:
The Trust Campaign 2.0 is launched by Future Generali India Life Insurance on 13th June

  1. The campaign beautifully picks up every day ‘slice-of-life’ moments between a father and
    his child and captures them in well-composed, poetic narratives. The campaign tries to
    showcase different, regular instances when having a father’s presence makes all the difference
    in one’s life. It reinforces the value of Trust in any relationship. The way a child Trusts his father,
    similarly, millions of fathers Trust Future Generali India Life insurance to be their Trusted
    Lifetime Partner, which is aptly put forward in the line – Sabke liye papa, Papa ke liye hum.
    The campaign is launched in different formats majorly in video, translated in 4 languages:
    Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, and Marathi.

Talking about the campaign, Ashish Tiwari, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, Future
Generali India Life Insurance, says, “All long-lasting relationships are based on trust, and to
garner that trust, one needs to go the extra mile and act implicitly. The campaign highlights that
the child has complete trust in his father, as he is there for the child. Similarly, millions of fathers
have trust in Future Generali India Life Insurance to secure their and their family’s future. We
respect this trust bestowed upon us and take responsibility for delivering on our promise. We

are Lifetime Partners for our customers, and we will be there with them during thick and thin of
life, after all –Sabke Liye Papa, Papa Ke Liye Hum.”