From AirBnB Burglar to Gunpoint Robbery


National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month: Elo GPS Is Safeguarding Vehicles Nationwide

IRVINE, Calif., July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — During National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month, Elo GPS, a leading vehicle theft recovery system, continues to make significant strides in protecting vehicles and providing invaluable peace of mind to owners across the nation.

As the issue of vehicle theft gains attention during this important month of awareness, Elo GPS remains steadfast in its commitment to provide law enforcement agencies and vehicle owners with unparalleled support in the swift recovery of stolen vehicles.

In one terrifying incident in Wichita Falls, after being robbed at gunpoint in her own driveway, a Wichita Falls woman found herself unable to remember her license plate number but was able to log into her Elo GPS account to share the vehicle’s real-time location with the Wichita Falls Police Department.

The Elo GPS App keeps drivers connected to their car in real-time, so they’re always aware of where and how their car is being driven. Officers used this information to swiftly recover the vehicle and arrest the suspect. 

In another incident in Seattle this month, a suspected AirBnB Burglar was apprehended due to the data provided by the vehicle owner’s Elo GPS account. The suspect was able to break-in to a second story AirBnB being rented by three women, ages 18-23, sneaking past the building’s ring cameras undetected. Personal items were taken including electronics, jewelry, and a victim’s car keys, and with them, her car. Police were able to keep track of every turn the suspect made through the vehicle owner’s Elo GPS account to corner the suspect and bring them into custody.

Elo GPS is designed to keep vehicle owners constantly connected to their cars in real-time, providing them with crucial information about the vehicle’s whereabouts and usage plus early theft detection alerts for unauthorized movement. When shared with law enforcement agencies, this location data enables them to respond quickly and efficiently, resulting in an average recovery time of just under four hours for vehicles with Elo GPS systems.

Recent statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) have underscored the need for robust vehicle theft prevention and recovery solutions. Vehicle thefts nationwide have shockingly surpassed one million for the first time since 2008. And with only 13.8% of vehicle theft cases solved, a theft prevention and recovery system is more important than ever. 

Elo GPS, provided by Connected Dealer Services, offers a 24/7 Stolen Recovery Hotline with expert recovery specialists on standby to guide customers through the stressful reporting and recovery process and help coordinate with law enforcement on their behalf.

Thieves continually look for new ways to steal vehicles, as evidenced by the Hyundai/KIA TikTok Challenge. And today, with a vehicle stolen every 36 seconds, more law enforcement agencies encourage consumers to install theft recovery devices.

The Arlington Texas Police Department says, “[vehicle theft] is a serious crime because it usually leads to somebody evading in the car …You can purchase an alarm system or look at GPS tracking that are both affordable options to keep an eye on your car.” 

Beyond just recovery, Elo GPS significantly reduces the likelihood of costly damages that may not be covered by insurance, as it expedites the recovery process, minimizing the time the stolen vehicle spends in the hands of criminals and increasing the changes of recovering the vehicle without major damages.

To learn more about the benefits of Elo GPS and how it can safeguard your vehicle, contact your nearest dealer or visit our website at

About Elo GPS:
Elo GPS by Connected Dealer Services is a cutting-edge vehicle theft recovery system that leverages advanced GPS technology to empower vehicle owners and aid law enforcement agencies in recovering stolen vehicles. With a mission to protect vehicles and provide peace of mind, Elo GPS continues to be at the forefront of safeguarding the nation’s automobiles.


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