Five key promises Kamal Haasan made at launch of new party Makkal Needhi Maiam


Actor Kamal Haasan launched his political party, the ‘Makkal Needhi Maiam’ (People’s Justice Party), in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, on Wednesday.

Haasan, who had last year announced his entry into politics, also unveiled the party symbol: a flag featuring six united hands – three each in white and red – with a white star in the middle.

Here are the top five promises of Kamal Haasan’s Makkal Needhi Maiam:

Quality Education

The veteran actor pledged that his party would work on providing quality education to all sections of the society. While the actor did not mention further details of his plans on this front, Haasan stated that quality education is among his party’s main agendas.

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> Corruption-free stance

As the actor has earlier stressed, he aims to make the state free from corruption. Quoting instances where people were paid to vote, Haasan said,”We will work on many issues including these. We will set an example; fight corruption together. People have unfortunately sold their votes for merely Rs 6,000. People ask me if I will give them money. My answer is no, I will not. If you accept money, you cannot ask your representative for anything.”

Haasan said that he wants to make people rich by giving them jobs so that they would not have to depend on freebies.

Earlier, Haasan in his interview had said that all the parties in Tamil Nadu are corrupt and he wants to make the state corruption free. Thus, the party may have a strong stance against corruption.

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Though some of his heroes are communists, Haasan had said he does not belong to any political ideology and his fight is against corruption. Haasan added that if he comes to power, his first priority would be to curb corruption.

“I am the lamp in your house, which does not flicker in winds of corruption,” Haasan said.

> Diminish caste and religious differences

Haasan said his party would work and diminishing caste and religion difference in the society.

“My political ideology is the same as all good chief ministers. Politics in the name of religion should stop,” Haasan said.

In an earlier interview, Haasan had earlier said his party will not be forged on the basis of either religion or casteism as he is against both of them.

The actor had said that one of the reasons for starting a new party is that none of the existing parties doesn’t represent his beliefs.

> Bringing together six south Indian states

Talking about his party’s logo, Haasan said that the six hands represent the six south Indian states working together for the benefit of all. The star in the Centre represents people.

Haasan reiterated that his party would neither be left or right leaning. When asked about its ideological leaning, Haasan simply said, “I’m in the centre”.

> No permanent CM

The actor stated that there would not be a permanent chief minister in his party. “This party does not end with me. I want to create a party that will last generations. Our party won’t have a permanent chief minister,” Haasan said on Wednesday.moneycontrol