Financepeer addresses the school fees challenges and offers solutions with 10,000 parents


  • More than 10,000 parents joined the interactive session
  • Directors of Zee High School discussed the benefits of fee financing model with Financepeer
  • Bollywood actor, educationist and Financepeer co-founder Vivek Oberoi also joined the interaction

New Delhi, July, 2020: Financepeer, the Forbes acclaimed and Google incubated school (K-12) fee financing company and Mount Litera Zee High School on Sunday organized an interactive session with more than 10,000 parents to understand their issues regarding school fee payment and spread awareness about the fee financing model amid unprecedented coronavirus outbreak across the country.

Bollywood actor, educationist, and Financepeer co-founder Vivek Oberoi also joined the discussion, interacted with the parents and apprised them about how fee financing model can help them.

Prior to the interactive session, the team of Financepeer and Directors of Zee High School during a panel discussion talked about the crisis in the education sector amid the unfortunate pandemic outbreak, therefore, the need for the fee financing model, its features, and benefits.

Speaking to more than 10,000 parents during the virtual interaction, Financepeer founder Rohit Gajbhiye said, “The coronavirus spread across the world has brought almost all the sectors to a standstill, especially the education sector as the schools and even other education institutions had to be shut down. However, schools have been proactive in taking up online education so the children can get access to the education but with parents are extremely under the pressure of paying fee amid job loss and salary cuts. Therefore, fee financing model is the need of the hour which benefits schools as well as parents and keeps the ball rolling for the entire education system.”

Financepeer pays the entire year’s fees upfront to the school on behalf of the parents while facilitating them to repay it at zero interest and zero cost EMI. The three to twelve-monthly installment option facilitates access to quality education for children at the bottom of the pyramid too. The company is also offering interest-free moratorium to the parents which further eases out the tension for them.

The panelists also shared their view on the importance of online education and said that it is really great to see that parents as well as schools are adapting it a rapid pace. Talking about the online education and role of Financepeer as a facilitator, Mr. Gajbhiye said, “With virtual being the new normal, schools are investing more and more on the technical equipment. However, schools are facing financial troubles in doing so. While on the other side of the table, the life of the middle class has also been affected drastically in these indefinite times with many living hands to mouth in the crucial times, unable to afford school fee for their kids. Hence, our model acts as a catalyst and allows movement of funds without any additional burden on them.”

Financepeer, as well as Directors of Zee High School, emphasized on their vision to ensure access to quality education to all irrespective of financial constraints.


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