India’s New Education Policy

by  Mr. R P Yadav, Chairman & Managing Director, Genius Consultants Ltd.


Our country’s education policy has been reformed for the first time in a long period of 34 years. This new policy will bring a series of significant changes in our education pattern. At the school level, the new board structure of ‘5+3+3+4’ system will put greater emphasis on the development of a student’s foundation and secondary years at school. For example, as compared to the earlier pattern, the number of years entitled as ‘pre-school’ will be increased, which I think will help students build a stronger base over a steadier pattern. On a college level too, this policy will be very lucrative, students will be awarded certificates for the completion of every academic year, during graduation. This will encourage them to hone their skills with more confidence, with the backing of a degree, even if they need to leave mid-way due to some issue. Other points like making colleges autonomous, a single governing authority for colleges, inviting top global university, multi exit and entry for courses will surely favor our student community. All in all, the new policy seems to focus more on skill development over points like just building a good “report card” and hence, will lead to the creation of a more educated and employable Indian population.”

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