Facebook’s Shery Sandberg says ‘Me Too’ movement hasn’t gone far enough


San Francisco: Facebook Inc. chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg says the “Me Too” movement, which has spurred women to share stories of sexual harassment, can spark lasting change in workplace policies and culture.

“The question is not if #MeToo has gone too far, but if #MeToo has gone far enough,” Sandberg said on Bloomberg Television. “Because it can’t just be a moment in time, where people raise their voice. These brave women who have raised their voices, they want longstanding change.”

Sandberg, who has long advocated for women in leadership roles, said there needs to be institutional policies that prevent harassment, and a system of due process when it does happen. Most of all, she said, “we need to end the culture of complicity”— people’s instinct to look the other way rather than get involved. “We’re all responsible for what goes on in the workforce,” she added.

Sandberg’s public advocacy started after the publication of her 2013 best-selling book, Lean In, which gave advice for how to succeed in a male-dominated business world. She helped propel Facebook to $41 billion in revenue last yearlivemint