Facebook continues to fine tune privacy options


Facebook is a privacy nightmare. Every activity on the social network, including posts, comments, games and even the advertisements on users’ page, is out there to be viewed by others. Facebook itself is guilty of sharing some information about users so they could be targeted with more relevant ads. However, it claims to not share any personally identifiable information, such as the name or email address of users.

Facebook wants to address the privacy concerns of its users with a video campaign which will help them understand how data is being used and how they can take control over their data on the social network. These videos will now show in your News Feed. The initial round of videos will focus on how to control what information Facebook uses to show ads, how to review and delete old posts, and what it means to delete one’s account. The videos will be refreshed regularly so they can cover different topics.

Facebook provides users the options to decide who can see their profile, posts, photos, birthday, relationship status and location details. However, all these settings are not available at one place. To address this, Facebook is building a new privacy centre, which will show all core privacy settings at one place so users will be able to find them easily. This will be rolled out some time in 2018.

Facebook has got several privacy-related tools already in place. For example, the ad controls which can be accessed by clicking at the top-right corner of any ad on Facebook. Here users can see why they are seeing the advertisement and can add or remove themselves from its targeted audience. This won’t reduce the frequency of advertisements, but will give users more control over what they want to see rather than what advertisers and Facebook wants to show them.

The Audience Selector tool can come in handy when users don’t want everyone to see their post. It allows them to decide who they want to share their posts with and this tool will keep in mind their preferences for the next time. So, if a user chooses friends option for a post, the next post will be published with the same setting.

The Profile Picture Guard is another feature which can help users, especially women, by keeping their profile picture safe online. It blocks anyone from sharing, sending or downloading the profile picture and using them for wrong reasons. Profiles with Picture Guard on will show a blue frame around the profile picture. The feature is currently available in a few countries, including India.livemint