Entertainment vlogs help people to avoid depression & stress


While many youngsters are engaged in fun parties and revelling, a 20-year-old Youtuber Pulkit Vamp is committed to his passion of vlogging to make people smile in this busy and hard life through his entertainment and lifestyle vlogs. Pulkit, who hails from a small town of Haryana, Ladwa, has 60K subscribers on his Youtube page- ‘PULKIT Vamp’.

Pulkit Vamp started his journey of vlogging in 2018 after witnessing busy and hard schedules of the people. As nowadays depression and anxiety are ruining the lives of many, Vamp’s main aim behind the vlogging is to make people laugh with his sense of humour and end the stress and depression among the people. The vlogs also help people to avoid depression and stress in life. Always fond of stage interactions, he has been very active in co-curricular activities since his childhood. He had also performed in renowned dance shows organised by Zee and Colors TV. Won Best Child Award Haryana 2016, in dance and modelling.

Pulkit said, “Vlogging is something when you capture yourself, making content about your life happenings and what you do, where you visit. You get a chance to explore different stuff, interact with new people and for that, one has to be camera friendly and outspoken.”

Making vlogs on entertainment and lifestyle, Vamp along with his two Pug dogs namely Shinchan and Oreo are the Youtube sensation and loved by the audience. “With no previous experience of vlogging, there was no one to guide and help me in making vlogs. However, with the snail’s pace in the starting, I reached 1,000 subscribers from zero after completing a watch time of 40,000 minutes on my Youtube channel. I created almost 120 videos in just a time span of two years and achieved 60,000 subscribers’, said the Youtuber Pulkit Vamp.

He further stated that he is also working for an animal NGO and raising money to help them by giving food and shelters.”


Pulkit in his vlogging journey till now has interviewed a number of famous personalities, including, Flying Sikh Milkha Singh, The Great Khali, seven times Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath etc. Even his work was appreciated by the Sports Minister of Punjab and he wished Pulkit Vamp a good luck. “I have created vlogs top three Youtubers in India, Mumbaikar Nikhil, Gaurav Taneja and Gaurav Zone’, Pulkit added.

Vlogging basically involves shooting videos and putting them on the internet. However, it can be a good career opportunity if you have an audience who will watch your vlogs. Even one can earn money from vlogging. In the coming time, it would be a full-fledged profession for many youngsters.


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