Dr. Reeta Sonawat, torch bearer of Early childhood education in India, inaugurates ‘IPTTA-Fest! 

Dr. Reeta Sonawat, torch bearer of Early childhood education in India, inaugurates 'IPTTA-Fest!  The one day ‘IPTTA-Fest - 6’,
(L-R) Chief Guests Dr Reeta Sonawat, Former Dean, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai & torch bearer of Early Childhood Education in India; Mrs Sarala Andrews; Actress Ms Nandita Raj; Ms Sonal Andrews, Director, IPTTA; Ms Sultana Moidu, Legend in Early Childhood Education; Ms Rajita, Principal, Golden Edge School; Ms Nansy, Principal, Phonic Green School & Dr Ravi Andrews, Director, IPTTA; launching the book “All about Teaching Aids”, co-authored by Dr Reeta Sonawat & Ms Sonal Ravi Andrews, at the 'IPTTA - Fest'- a one-day innovative teaching aids exhibition for Pre-primary & Primary school teachers, on Saturday at the State Gallery of Fine Arts, Madhapur.

Hyderabad, April 13th,2019: The one day ‘IPTTA-Fest – 6’,hosted by IPTTA – Integrated Preschool Teachers Training Academy, was inaugurated by Dr. Reeta Sonawat, former Dean of Faculty, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai and torchbearer of Early Child Education in India and Ms Nandita Raj, today at State Gallery of Fine Arts, Madhapur. Guest of Honour Ms Sultana Moidu, a renowned early childhood education expert; Ms Sonal Andrews, Director, IPTTA; school principals, teachers of various schools and inquisitive parents were present on the occasion.

This event also coincided with a Book launch – “All about Teaching Aids” Co-authored by Dr Reeta Sonawat and Ms Sonal Ravi Andrews. The book classifies the different types of teaching aids to be employed and can be created in the Early Childhood Classrooms. More than 80 teaching aids can be made by referring to the book. The book also illustrates outcomes, objectives and scopes of each kind of aid. The main objective of publishing the book is to make it a part of early childhood teachers training and also to make every teacher have a handy manual on the same to stimulate their creativity and making learning the fun experience for the child. For teachers involved in teaching young children two characteristics are essential, patience and tolerance, to make the child learn.

Dr. Reeta Sonawat, torch bearer of Early childhood education in India, inaugurates ‘IPTTA-Fest! 

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Reeta Sonawat said, teaching aids are the backbone to learning, they help learn a subject in depth.The learning of the child is based on the way they see and visualize and the foundation to their learning is laid there. In this exhibition I saw some innovative ways of teaching difficult concepts, simplifying the entire thing from the child’s perspective and making him comprehend easily. The child has a very short attention span, by presenting interesting and innovative teaching aids, the teacher can grab and prolong their attention span.

Ms Sonal Ravi Andrews said, Through IPTTA – Fest, we are creating a platform for teachers at Pre-primary and Primary level to learn and share innovative methods of teaching, which are easily replicable and within the budgetary constraints that schools have. IPTTA’s objective is to make class room learning for pre-primary school children, interesting and teaching aids are the foundation for a good learning. Every year IPTTA Fest, brings more than a hundred teaching aids on one theme, to make every class interesting to the kid. With today’s children being overloaded with digital inputs, for them to feel and touch things will make lot of difference and that’s what teaching aids do. More than 700 teachers are visiting this exhibition from across the city and neighborhood, to learn and share their knowledge, to evolve innovative and best practices in Early Child Education area.This exhibition was an excellent opportunity for those in teaching profession and parents to see innovative and original methods of imparting knowledge, while being able to grab the attention and get the child interested, she adds.

Ms Nandita Raj said, it’s a wonderful fest laying foundation for a lifetime of learning to the young children. The methods being showcased here mould and create interest towards learning in the young minds.

IPTTA-Fest is a unique platform for aspiring pre-primary and primary teachers studying at IPTTA to showcase their talent and knowledge acquired from the year long diploma program.Around thirty participants were exhibiting their works which were innovative, easy to comprehend for child and could be replicated conveniently in the classroom.

The creative collection revolving around the theme for this year’s exhibition, ‘Sky’ were presented as stories, rhymes, language, math, EVS, art & craft, games and activities.More than 150 teaching aids or activities were on display at the exhibition. The response was overwhelming, with over 500 teachers and school heads visiting and appreciating the collection. Parents keen on doing their bit for their kids were present in good numbers, seen going around the exhibition and trying to learn the techniques from the exhibitors.


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