DiverseyHygienizer: Diversey’s latest addition to the Covid-19 warrior’s armory


Mumbai, 21st May 2020: Diversey, a leading cleaning and hygiene solutions company, here announced the launch of another invaluable kit that will be another weapon in the Covid warrior’s armoury — the Diversey Hygienizer.

With office spaces and commercial establishments set to open shortly, this kit will provide an additional safety shield along with other measures taken by the organizations to counter the threat of Covid-19. The Diversey Hygienizer is a personal hygiene kit provided to each employee at his/her workplace to sanitize his/her  hands and personal desk.

“We at Diversey have customer-centricity as core driver of all planning and actvities. Launching the Diversey Hygienizer Kit (trademarked) is not just about introducing another need-of-the-hour product to the market; instead we are urging people to add a necessary habit to their daily routine, especially at shared office spaces.

Managing Covid19 is a healthcare challenge and adopting safe personal hygiene is the only alternative at this point of time. Responsibility for hygiene in offices can no longer be limited to the housekeeping personnel, it needs to be seriously undertaken by each one of us.  While we might have uncertainties ahead, we foresee this Hygienizer Kit to be anntegral part of the “new normal” as employees resume office wearing masks, maintaining safe distances and exercise adequate caution about sanitization of their personal work space”

L C Das 

LC Das, Managing Director-India and Subcontinent, Diversey India Ltd.