DIGISOL hosts “DIGISOL Certified Cabling Installer” (DCCI) Program on Structured Cabling Systems


GOA India, 30tMay, 2019: DIGISOL Systems Ltd., a leading provider of the IT Networking products, conducted its flagship training program, DIGISOL Certified Cabling Installer (DCCI) on Structured Cabling Systems (SCS) in GOA on 23rd-24th May 2019. The training was organized to provide theoretical concepts on Copper and Fiber media, the prevailing standards that govern the SCS industry, the system integration best practices and culminated in a hands-on practicals with DIGISOL cabling products alongwith factory visit for the same. The participants were also made to undergo a short examination alongwith site designing to help them understand the concepts and implement it into practice. This training has helped the participating SI Partners to understand the upcoming market trends in the Copper, Fiber & FTTH Solutions. The two days training was hosted by DIGISOL’s in-house team along with a dedicated faculty from FLUKE Networks.

DIGISOL Certified Cabling Installer (DCCI) program is an extensive program designed by DIGISOL under its DIGISOL Institute of Technical Training (DITT). The event held in GOA was attended by 14+ SI partners. The participants have been rewarded as “Certified installer” for 2 years. This certificate will help the partners to provide 25-years warranty and certify sites installed by them with DIGISOL cabling products, provided they adhere to other clauses for the certification.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Mandar Joshi, Vice President Sales, DIGISOL Systems said, “We are delighted to design and host a certified program like DCCI for our SI Partners. DCCI offers in-depth information about the latest trends in copper, Fiber and FTTH solutions and helps SI Partners to unlock the opportunities in the structured cabling market. This kind of training will help them stay ahead in understanding and catering future technologies. We are looking forward to conducting more such training programs for our partner community in the near future.“

DIGISOL has been empowering partners and system Integrators by conducting various training program over the years. With the introduction of DCCI, DIGISOL aims to address the emerging challenges in the structured cabling industry and offers technology-rich fiber, copper & FTTH solutions.


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