Despite labor shortage and uptick in weather events, Storm Ventures Group empowers insurance restorators


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Storm Ventures Group’s 2023 Win The Storm event is soon to take over Fort Lauderdale. As the largest conference and tradeshow expo for general contracting, restoration, roofing and solar companies, SVG CEO & Founder Anthony Delmedico is primed to tackle the labor shortages dampening the industry, preparing the next generation of contractors to take on the mission of restoration.

It’s only been half a year since Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida and there’s still plenty of work needed to restore the property of homeowners throughout the state. The storm has left upwards of $50-65 billion in property and infrastructure damage. It’s up to restoration contractors to make everyone whole again.

It’s not just Hurricane Ian. Statistics from the UN show that the frequency of deadly weather events has multiplied by 5 in the last 50 years. The top 5 most expensive disasters from 1970-2019 were all hurricanes that impacted the United States and occurred within the last decade.

When it comes to the insurance restoration space – contractors have their work cut out for them. Insurance owes property owners recovery after massive storms, but for homeowners to receive this, people need to be trained, willing, and ready to carry out the job.

The problem? The construction industry has experienced a labor shortage to the tune of 650,000 jobs in 2022. Across the country, industry entrepreneurs have struggled to find and maintain tallent to assist homeowners needing restoration.

For these trends to not carry into this year – and for homeowners across the country to find relief – we need a new way to bring in, train, and empower individuals to build lasting careers in this trade.

Industry entrepreneurs who step up, form restoration companies, and build teams ready to take on the job will find opportunities that are not just fulfilling, but also lucrative. 

That’s where Storm Ventures Group comes in. Led by CEO & Founder, Anthony Delmedico, the company offers contractors with the insight, resources, and tech they need to lead the restoration space: that all starts with the tools they offer to train new employees.

“We are committed to providing the most advanced training and readiness to contractors throughout the nation and abroad,” says Delmedico. SVG’s latest press release announcing their upcoming Win The Storm event shares that it’s the largest conference and tradeshow expo for general contracting, restoration, roofing and solar companies. It kicks off on March 15th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

High School and College students get in free, to learn about everything going on in the industry. Drawing this interest from the next generation is crucial to solving the labor shortage. Delmedico and his team seeks to scale national community outreach programs like these. This will get more young people on board using SVG’s wide array of training services. 

When the CEO & Founders talks about the most advanced training, he isn’t kidding around. SVG is one of the first to incorporate blossoming virtual reality technology into the education programs that they offer contractors. 

If you’re a contractor, you know all the work that goes into training employees. On one hand – you have to get everyone out in the field, learning hands on, where they may not be ready to succeed. In the other, you’re turning your office into a classroom, hoping that theoretical training will be able to translate to the real world when the time comes.

Contractors who turn to SVG for training get the best of both worlds.

SVG’s Virtual Reality Training continues to turn headset-clad heads as the premier tool for educating people on everything from scouting neighborhoods to inking deals. It’s the first-hand experience of practicing in the field, all from the comfort and controlled environment of your home or office. 

75 of the top 100 contractors in America are already starting to use the tech – which debuted in 2019 and is now in version 3.0. It’s a 360-degree experience, tailored to work in the restoration space, and gives new employees the confidence it takes to serve homeowners and clients with integrity, professionalism, and vital know-how.

The biggest impact of this tech is probably seen in training around damage assessment. When assessing a roof for storm damage, for instance, there are things that an untrained eye could miss. It could be as small as a pinhole. If the rep assessing the roof fails to notice it, there will likely be catastrophic damage to the interior of the home.

The interactive and vivid training provided in VR helps newcomers to the trade learn to spot these intricate details in a controlled environment. It’s the difference between being told to look for particular details and actually getting a chance to practice it. 

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The virtual reality element is only the latest in Storm Ventures Group and Founder Delmedico’s commitment to training the next generation of restoration contractors. SVG University offers the most advanced industry-specific training in the industry. Through exciting and impactful modules, Delmedico – who’s also the author of Win The Game – teaches industry entrepreneurs how to sell, build, and collect all the way to the top.

From your own learning, to the way that you train your reps, Storm Ventures Group are the leaders to be tuned into. 

Their place on the cutting edge of education in the restoration business makes it no surprise that they host the largest conference in the industry. As mentioned, Win The Storm starts on March 15th and runs through to the 17th. 

For industry entrepreneurs, this is a chance to dive into the issues facing the industry: namely the labor shortage and increasing importance of catastrophic storm relief. With the best brand in the industry – and the brains behind them – gathered in one place, expect solution-focused discussions and a whole lot of fun.

As a bonus – all attendees will receive a year long subscription to SVG University. If you are reading about the Virtual Reality training and are dying to try it out for yourself – like I am – you will be able to get your hands and eyes on the VR 3.0 as a part of Win The Storm’s many breakout sessions.

You don’t want to miss out on Win The Storm, hosted in Fort Lauderdale by Anthony Delmedico and Storm Ventures Group. For more information, visit their website.

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