Department of Telecommunications, Office of the Controller of Communication Accounts (CCA), North East Telecom Circle, Shillong


This website has been created to enable us to serve you better. Our Office is headed by a SAG Level Officer designated as Controller of Communication Accounts (CCA). We are responsible for settlement of Retirement Benefits of BSNL employees who were Department of Telecommunications (DoT) employees prior to Corporatization of BSNL on 1.10.2000. We also collects License Fees and Spectrum Charge from DoT’s Licensees for North East, except Assam) service area. Similarly, our Office checks and monitors Subsidy Claims under Universal Subsidy Obligation Agreements with DoT and disburses subsidy to Service Providers in the State. At this site you will find information for Pensioners and BSNL Employees in North East, DoT Licensees and various Telecom Service Providers who are claiming subsidy from DoT under various USO Agreements for the NE Service Area.

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