Declutter yourself with the Pennline Hub


Do you often struggle to find documents because they were kept in an unorganized manner? Even in this digital age, some paperwork is unavoidable, like your wedding certificate, your appointment letter, or maybe a certificate you won at a painting competition at school, which you still cherish. Meet an innovative way of keeping all your important documents and stationery in one place. Replace your clutter with the Pennline Hub Cabinet.

The Hub is the most elegant organizer which stores all your important documents and stationery in one neat place, ready to be picked up at whim. The Hub is made entirely of environment-friendly and recyclable material and is completely free of plastic. The matte black metal exterior allows you to slap on all sorts of utilities with magnets.

Pennline Hub is available in 3 different formats: The Five-Drawer Hub is a cool new way of storing all your important documents and stationery in one place which comes with drawers that have in-built labels, easy to hold handles and space for up to 750 sheets. The Ten-File Hub has spring binder files in 5 different colours in sets of 2, which makes classification and indexing a breeze and can hold up to 500 sheets. The Five-File Hub has fewer files that features a ring binder but has 50% more capacity as compared to the Ten-File Hub and can store up to 750 A4 sheets. Pennline Hub helps you declutter yourself and frees up space for more creative things .

About William Penn

Founded in 2002, William Penn is widely recognized as a definitive brand for premium writing instruments and men’s accessories, as well as an unparalleled destination for personal as well as corporate gifts. With over 30 exclusive outlets across 10 cities and more than 50 globally renowned brands on offer including the homegrown Pennline and Lapis Bard, William Penn is home to a breathtaking range of innovative writing-essentials and lifestyle products and accessories.


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