Date With Senior: Office Romance



~ Alright’s Date With Senior: Office Romance dabbles with complex web of emotions that the protagonists face when offered a choice between better career prospects and relationship~ 

After stupendous success of the first two instalments, Date With Senior: Office Romance is back, taking the theme of office relationships and adding long distance to the equation. Alright, the premium entertainment arm of Rusk Media has released two new episodes of the Hindi office romance drama on their YouTube platform. For the two-parter, Alright has partnered with skinnsi—a brand that offers at-home self-care solution. 

The current season of Alright’s most celebrated and beloved IP features immensely talented actors— television’s ‘Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2’ fame, Kanikka Kapur, and YouTube personalities Tithi Raaj, Parikshit Joshi and Harshpal Singh. Directed by Karpoor Gaurav, written by Harshpal Singh, with Sahil Verma as the Executive Producer, the story offers a refreshing take on office politics put into motion by a senior manager and the complex web of emotions that our protagonists face when offered a choice between better career prospects and relationships. 

The story takes up after Vamika, played by Tithi Raaj, is called out for her manipulative anti-dating office policies that had Shikhar (Parikshit Joshi) and Roohi (Kanikka Kapur) doubt their relationship. After getting berated from senior management, Vamika returns with a vendetta and sets into motion another scheme that may result into further tension between the relationship of the protagonists. 

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skinnsi is the perfect partner for Date With Senior, as it is based on characters that are out-going, successful and ambitious people, who want the best in their life. For them, skinnsi offers accessible at-home self-care solutions that is quick and fits the bill of their fast-paced lifestyle. 

“Simple and relatable shows establish an instant connect with the audiences and Date With Senior does exactly that. Our focus for the upcoming months is to build the story arch of Date With Senior in a way that it ropes in more relatable sentiments that revolve around the loves and the lives of the office-going youth. The organic scenarios present fruitful avenues for brands to effectively reach out to their consumers. We are delighted to partner with skinnsi for Date With Senior and are certain that our audience will connect with their products”, added Nilesh Jadhav, AVP Fiction, Rusk Media. 

Commenting on the partnership with Alright, Shuchita Wadhwa, Head of Marketing, skinnsi, said, “We are thrilled to team up with Rusk Media’s Alright YouTube channel for the latest instalment of Date With Senior: Office Romance. The show is a new-age office romance drama featuring young adults, which happens to be one of skinnsi’s key target demographics. The show will also help demonstrate the ease of accessibility of skinnsi’s services for its new-age customers who are always on the move. I have no doubts that this association is a prudent decision for both brands.” 

Watch Date with Senior: Office Romance now streaming on Alright YouTube channel.