Dancing queen Madhuri Dixit Nene to help you get sound sleep


Sleep is essential for our good health but many of us are not sleeping well. Insomnia has become an integral part of our modern lives and Covid-19 pandemic has made the situation worse. But imagine falling asleep to the voice of Dhak-Dhak queen Madhuri Dixit!

Imagine her reading you a story while you drift into a sleep! Pretty marvelous, isn’t it? It is a reality now. Sleep stories narrated by actress Madhuri Dixit Nene are now available on Dhani App.

Sleep stories are the need of the hour considering our sleep deprivation due to the stress we are going through every day. To encourage people take care of their mental health, Dhani App has therefore engaged with Madhuri to create sleep stories which are intended to help listeners with better sleep. The evergreen queen of Bollywood is nattering stories in both Hindi and English catering to a larger audience. Through the stories she swiftly takes us to the foothill of Himalayas as the stories are set against the beautiful backdrop of Uttarakhand and Darjeeling. The quintessential journey of the stories helps us shut-out the daily stress and attain peace of mind, allowing us to enter into deep sleep. The stories are available to all & free of cost on the Dhani App.

“This was a wonderful first experience for me in the genre of narrating sleep stories. With the current environment around us, feelings of anxiety and stress have become far too common. Helping people fall asleep to soothing and happy thoughts therefore is a great initiative taken by Dhani. I encourage people to give this a try and let us tell them a story that will help them sleep with smiles on their faces. Happy Sleeping” said Madhuri Dixit.

The audio content will be exclusively hosted on the Dhani Zone section of the App. Dhani Zone content primarily focuses on Mental Wellness & Personal Development space. It offers audio content in various categories, and is one of the very few platforms to have a special category for sleeping aid. Also, to help ease the adverse effect of lockdown on our mental health, Dhani Zone has categorized its content on the basis of emotions wherein users can choose what they want to listen to depending on their moods and emotional requirements. Apart from sleep stories, listeners can choose from a wide range of premium audio content categories – audio stories, motivational & spiritual audios, insightful & factual talks, health guides, fun chitchat etc. along with other licensed content- all free of charge.

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